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Setting Mirror Up/Self Timer via Shutter Button. How?


New Member

Is it possible to set the Custom Function in the H3D so that by pressing the shutter button it will:

1. Raise the mirror and .........

2. Two seconds later (or whatever you set the self-timer to) fire the shutter?

i.e. Simply perform this function in a single action?

If it is, please give a detailed explanation! This custom function set up in this camera is not as straight forward as the Canon Mk3.

Many thanks.


You need to turn on the Self Timer, set it to Mirror Up, Delay, Mirror Down (or you can set it to stay up).

This is relatively easy to do, it's not called Custom Functions, it's under Self Timer (sorry, my H is not in front of me now). But Yes, to answer your question - and this is how I shoot (3 second delay after mirror up, then mirror down).

In the current H3D Manual, go to page 90.

Read, then on 91 are step by step instructions.

Let me know if you have trouble setting this. Be well.

Kind regards,

Many thanks for the reply.

If only I had a manual! I'm using a loan camera while awaiting my H3D2 and it didn't come with a manual.

I have been playing with the Self-Timer function, but I had been ignoring the mirror down feature.

I had managed to get it to mirror-up/2 second delay, but only for one exposure, then it reverted to normal.

Will try again.



Have you tried to download a manual?
Check the Hasselblad site, register as a user and you can download most manuals.


Ahh, yes, you also need to set the Custom Function #22 "Interval & Self Timer" to Stay... page 98 in the manual. This will keep it from turning off after the exposure. Mine is set to Stay.

You can download the manual for free from the site if you register. It's well written. Be well.

Kind regards,
Just tried registering and I don't think it's possible if you're not offering a product and serial number (my loan camera is already registered by the dealer).

However, Derek's extra tip should get me over the line.

Hopefully! -:)