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Sekonic L-308S - exposure meter

It's a great meter, and will serve you well. You may need to calibrate the meter at first. I had an older 508. My first exposures with it were all dark. Once I adjusted the ISO/EI setting by +2/3's stop, all was well. In other words, for 100 speed film, I set the EI to 64. Once set, my exposures were accurate and consistent.
Can't say one thing bad about this meter. Go for it!
Michael H. Cothran
that is an awesome meter for a very good price! very simple to use and reliable...

for incident metering (flash or not) is perfect. for complex spot/matrix/whatever people use this days might not be...

i have never calibrated mine, it seems to work ok anyway.

michael: how do you calibrate it? any "standard" procedure?
michael: how do you calibrate it? any "standard" procedure?[/quote]

Nothing scientific here at all. Since my initial transparencies all came back too dark, I just ran a bracketing test -
Using the 508 to meter in incident mode, I shot several different scenes, outdoors and under studio strobe with +1/3, +2/3, and +1 exposures. Note - I had to "guess" as to where 1/3 and 2/3 was between any two f-stop markings, but it wasn't that difficult.
Anyway, I layed them on a light table, and chose the "best" exposure from each of the several groups. I picked the +2/3 stop exposure in most, if not all cases. Henceforth, I would set the 508 @ 32 or 64 respectively for 50 and 100 speed films.
Truth be told, there's not a whole lot of exposure difference between any two pairs, as 1/3 stop is not too critical. I did think that +1/3 might still be a tad too dark, and +1 a tad too light.
I've done this "test & calibration" with every camera/meter I've ever owned. Sometimes, after a while, I may even tweek the setting. Example - I've used a PME51 for over a decade, rating it @ -1 stop (using EI 200 for 100 speed film). Just recently, I've decided that those are a little too dark, and have now changed my "normal" EI rating to -2/3.