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screen turning white...


i am stumped...each adjustment i have to do...the screen turns white...this is for phocus 1.2...

anyone got a fix...i have dumped the dk.hasselblad file...and have redid the keys..


Midsummer festival is about to begin in Sweden.
Could be your problem is related to that..........
Sounds like a resources issue to me. How much RAM/empty disk space etc? What type of processor? I have a Core 2 Quad processor with 3gb RAM and 300mb free disk space on my "Digital" disk and I have no problems here. I had this with another programme once and ended up reformatting and reinstalling XP..worked after that. Just a thought. Also, if you are using XP, have you updated to SP2? If you are using a Mac then I have no constructive suggestions for you.


so far ..i have uninstalled the whole thing...reinstalled it...deleted the key chain.....and it still does it..

completely stumped..

i did sent paul my profile ..for the mac

ok i got phocus 1.2.1 beta from paul...

it kinda got rid of the screen whitening kinda...not really...anything past 8% IN SIZE AND the screen starts turning white..