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Scanning advise Please


From my local lab, I just cannot get good results(actually horrible)when they scan the positives & negatives from my H1. So decided to buy a scanner. narrowed down to Imacon 343, Nikon 9000 or Minolta. Since I have no experience with Scanners, are they tough to calibrate & operate? Or should just wait & get digital back when I can afford? Any ex&les of scanned images from H1?
Hi, could it be that your local lab is not a pro lab ? I would not buy a scanner for several reasons : COST, it takes too long to scan an entire roll and you have to cut them up into strips of 4 or 5 to match the scanner tray. Hopefully the cut length will match the archival sleeves you are using. None of the scanners feed in an entire 120 roll so you will have to tend to the scanner at least 3 times per roll. The Imacon being a drum scanner would require the individual frame to be cut, more work. COST, even if you find a decent pro lab that can scan the whole roll do the maths. The back will pay for it's self, still factor in travel time and petrol.
Hi Anthony and Shawn,
Shawn may be having a problem with his lab, true,but recently i was in a similar quandry. i checked out all of the pro scanners, and settled on the Epson 4870 pro. it is amazing. it has already paid for itself 10 times over. when you figure a lab scan will cost about 25. usd for a hi res scan! this machine does flat art, hassy negs and chromes as well as 35mm AND 4x5 chromes and negs!!!! now dont get me wrong, it is not as good as the NIKON 9000, (btw-which only does up to 6 x6 cm..) BUT it does more and for archiving, website work, and medium size prints (i would not go bigger than 24" x 36" max) it is really really FINE. and the price? 525. compared to 2000. for the nikon. cant beat it. if i am doing an exhibition and need huge prints, i get a drum scan at my lab. i hope this helps.

ps... if you are familiar with and own photo shop, do not buy the pro model, save yourself even more with the normal 4870 because the add'l 100. is for software which i do not think is very good. esp if you own photoshop, it is all you need.... the machine is the SAME!
Thanks Nicholas. Checked out the specs of Epson 4870 PRO. Looks quite impressive, but could not figure out whether it will do Hassey negs, though U seems to say it does. Do you have any s&le that U can post or e-mail me Thanks
I have been shooting hassy system negs and chromes since 1975 and still swear by my old CM. i am a purist when it comes to quality and Zeiss has always delivered...
Yes the Epson takes hassy negs and chromes, its all i shoot and even takes 6x9 cm shots as well. (I shoot these with my old Zeisse Ikonta 6x9 folding camera!) this epson is an amazing buy, but you have to decide. i have done lots of research and this really has worked out. I will post some scans later on. be assured, i would not go out on a limb if it wasnt amazing new (and affordable) technology. i got mine at which gave the best rate. good luck

Buying a scanner is based on the work that you'll do with the files !

If you want the best quality buy a Imacon !

I have bought the Epson 4870, and I amazed about the results ! It's far from a LS 9000 or an Imacon, but it can do a great job with various size of films !

The bad point is it slow...

With it I scan my Hassy (6x6) & 24x36 negs. You can go up to 4x5" !

Daniel, LS9000,that would be Nikon, I pressume. Over in States Nikon model is 9000ED or is LS9000 is another brand? Thanks for your input. Like your site, nice vision.
Right LS9000 and 9000 ED is the same product of Nikon. I suppose that the name may change in countries !

And thanks for your comments on my web site !

Daniel Rocha - Photographie