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Scandinavian Light


New Member
Hello Everyone.
I'm returning to Scandinavia after living in Australia for a couple of years and I'm wondering how people have handled the light quality up there, particularly with regard to colour reversal films? Anyone got thoughts on the midday colour temperatures for non arctic Scandinavian summer and winter?

I've had challenges in the past with a kind of "flat white" light in Finland and Sweden which softens everything down and sometimes does not lend itself well to landscapes. Drawing out detail in skies concerns me somewhat too.

Any thoughts on ISO and overexposure or other methods to counter the lack of detail issue which that kind of light can sometimes create? Also interested in experience and thoughts on shooting on the arctic circle to capture that unique winter twighlight in landscape situations that I recall there. Any good ideas on stopping battery failure through cold gratefully received too. Was minus 35C last time I was up there.