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SB28 flash unit causes camera to fail


New Member
We just got the H1 with the imacon digital back so thought I would try it out with a Nikon SB28 speedlight in the auto mode on H1's hotshoe in order not use up the camera batteries. But for whatever reasons I got all sorts of lens failure, no cbc etc and I'm thinking that something like this may be what is causing other's simalar failures that I read about at this site.
Had a similar problem with the H1 film camera. Solved it with the Hasselblad SCA3902 adapter and Metz 54MZ-3 Flash. No problems with this combination.
Did you read the H1 manual before you tried that?=20 Nikon Flashes are not supportet and can possibly damage your H1. Hot = shoes comes in all kinds, and the connectors on one type is not compatible = with another. Use a Metz-flash with the aproperiate HB adapter, as stated in = the manual. Hopefully you didn't destroy your camera.=20
Ttlied is right, you have to use SCA3902 adopter. I also use Metz 54MZ-3. BUT I am dissapointed with TTL, gives me a little more over exposure and can't seem to bracket enough. Same thing happens with pop up flash. Popup flas seems to favour lower portion of the photos. Any quick fix suggestions for holiday pics?
Hi Uss.
Did you get Imacon back 96c or 132. Did you get H1D or the back separately? How do you like the Imacon results? Pictures on soft side or contrast is intense. Do you use in in field with flash or just studio application. Thanks, I am trying to buy the back too, so any feedback will be helpful.
I read the H1 user manual and this is what it said in chapter 11 Flash, "The H1 can be used together with most flash units. Connection is via a PC socket or hot shoe according to the flash units capabilities." The fails cleared after I R&R the battery pack and is working great.

Shawn we got the 132 and the and H1 was FREE and then we bought two more lenses and I think we better get the rechargable battery pack too. The output is great, details that match 120 film scans. The Flexcolor software and the fff file format is easy enough to learn and it installs a plug in to PS CS which allows you to open these 3f files.