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Sale of FE lens


New Member
Looks like for the moment the sale of FE lens on EBAY is almost zero.The only reason I was selling the FE lens was because I ended up with two of the same. I was visiting my son in Seattle saw an add for the lens and purchased it without realizing I already had the same lens. Has anyone experienced this issue. Has the value of FE lens dried up and if so what about the 200Fe camera. The lens a year ago would have sold for approx. $1,500 I have lowered the price to half that amount as a beginning bid. Any comments?
As I have a 202FA, I use to buy CFE/FE lenses (FE 50,110&150 +80cfe) on B. In 3 years I noticed stange fluctuation from month to month but if I compare lowest prices are about the same, highest prises are going down.

5 years ago the 300/2.8 was almost reasonable. One years ago heigher. Now perhaps lower.
Anyway it's safer to buy old Hasselblad lenses than S&P !
Anyway I never bought FE lenses for more than 1200$