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rubber piece for PME


Hi, I'm trying to find the rubber piece that goes in the PME viewfinder, any ideas or ways to get around?

At the moment the finder I have has nothing, plain metal, would like to sort that out at least in a DIY manner

PME Eyepiece

Hi, its a standard accessory coming (I think) in at least two designs. There is a flat washer design that is good if you wear specs (like me) or a design that fits around the side of the eye socket.
They are very easily lost!!
I`ve got a few from time to time from ProCentre and there`s a place in Boston Mass (happened to persaude the wife it was worth a detour on holiday in the USA) called EP Levine, that lists it on the "new" part of their website
( ).

hopefully helpful?
Yes !!
I cant claim to be a regular but I discussed it over the phone, having made a hash of describing it we eventually knew what we were after ( !! ) they came back to me and with credit card at the ready it was on my desk the day after.

They ordered an extra one for me whch took a while and needless to say both lost by now !! Tip - buy a few !!!