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Rotation issues in Bridge

Hey guys,
Here's a strange one. Wondering if any of you have had this problem:
When I open my square CFV images in Bridge, they all open facing 90 degrees to the right (3:00). However, when I reopen them in PS or Flexcolor, they open straight up, as they should.
In Bridge, I tried selecting all, then rotated them 90 degrees CCW so they were all standing upright. However, when these images were then loaded into ACR or PS, they were all facing 90 degrees to the left (9:00)!! So, I had to go back into Bridge, and rotate them back 90 degrees clockwise (back to 3:00) in order for them to open and be viewed upright. For some strange reason, Bridge is reading these files 90 degrees CW from what they should be. Anyone else experience this anomoly?
I belong to a couple of Yahoo PS forums. I plan to post there also.

Bridge has designed a special program to train the muscles of your neck.
Stiff muscles to move the head are a serious complaint from users who stare many hours at a screen to work on images.

Other manufacturers of software will follow shortly. :confused: :z04_975: :z04_computer_haukap