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i have got a new ringlight by ELINCHROM, the inner diameter of the flash-system is 10cm.
so both H-Lenses i have doesn´t fit in the ringflash.
i have the 50-110 zoom and the 35mm wideangel lens.
sad but true :(

if i insert the 35mm lens from the frontside (not backside as usual) into the ringlight and after that connect the lens with the camera it could work.

but there is no distance between the lens and the ringlight.
i don´t know if a heating problem could damage the lens?
and if this is a clever solution?

does anyone here has experience with rinlights and H lenses?

i appreciate your ideas...

thank you,

helmut lackner
Unless you intend to do a large sequence of shots with the ringflash the amount of heat is very small.
A few millimeters clearance will isolate the transfer of heat quite effectively.

Depending on the subject the 35 mm may not be the most obvious chouce for this kind of photography.
A 50 or 80 mm lens could be a better suitable option.