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Reply by email available again


Dear members,

we put a lot of effort in making it possible to reactivate it without the need of changing your e-mail notification settings. And we succeeded. We reinstalled now the "reply by e-mail" function.

Reply by e-mail is another possibility to participate actively in the forum. All other possibilities are of course still available.

Basically you can use the forum now also as a mailing list. No other photo site is offering this!

You can not only read all postings as full text in the e-mail notifications from the forum, you can also now reply to it by e-mail like in a mailing list.

Our system is placing your comment in the right thread (if you answer to the right e-mail), like you would have been personally there. But you do not have to go online to the site, if you do not want to.

A detailed description on how to use this new function is available in our Forum-FAQ section. Just click here:

And of course at the buttom of every e-mail you find the instructions for using reply by e-mail too.

If you use a slow bandwith connection, or reading during office hours, you will appreciate this functionality a lot

If you want to follow all discussion (also in the new sections) by mail in the future, make sure in your user profile within the forum, that you select the boxes accordingly.

Click simply on "profile" within the forum and make your settings.

Have fun with this new feature!