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Remote cable releases


New Member
Will any type of generic cable release (ie the $8 ones that you'll find at Japan Camera and other run-of-the-mill photo shops) work with my 500C/M, or will I need a certain type specific to the Hasselblad system?
Geoff, Any type of mechanical cable release will work. Although one with Hasselblad's name on it may seem to sound a little smoother and refined!!!!
Ive used a number of cable releases. The most rugged that I have used is made by Hama. (Available from Robert White UK who will ship internationally)

Richard Marks
Another German company "Kaiser" makes a great cable release - rather heavy duty where the metal wire shilding is covered with a thick layer of transparant rubber/plastic. I alwas seem to get the ones with a black wowen textile to fall apart - cheers ruben
Other than a special twin cable release from Leitz, I have used a "Made in Germany",black woven textile one for the past 50 years!! No sign of falling apart. I guess they don't make them like they used to.
I've found the 'TUNDRA' Jumbo 20" cable release model 97 JCR 20 - as distributed by Statter Inc, Denver Co, 80207, and sold by Porters, and others to be perfect for the Hasselblad - retail about $30