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Release Forms


New Member
I have a question I'm hoping someone with more experience in such matters might be able to help me with. I have a problem; to begin with, a friend of mine was recently filmed for a snippet before programs for a television channel, and signed a release form, but has since decided she wants to withdraw her consent. I've had similar issues when location shooting for publication - people are happy to sign it, until they see what it is for. In general, the companies I have worked with have scrapped the shot for fear of any sort of legal issues occurring; however my friend suspects that the large commercial network she was filmed for might be less inclined to agree to her revokation of consent. Any advice, or similar situations? I'm sure it varies from country to country; I'm based in England. Is it the same for print media as broadcast? How long have you got before you cannot revoke your consent?
If she feels strongly enough about revolking her consent to pay for it, she should have an attorney handle it. I'm not familiar with the laws applying to such things in England, but over here in the colonies, an attorney could make it a much more streamlined process.

Should she decide to handle it herself, she should make sure all communications is in WRITING and don't throw anything away for a long time...she may need to prove the revocation later.
Hi there, am based in England, has she asked about this from the TV company? If they are a large unit they may agree to her request, they are usually understanding. best wishes
Im not a lawyer but, was she paid, or did she just sign a form?
In America, I believe that the contract is void unless the person was paid
at least a dollar. In the contract is says something like for value received.
But, unless its a major image, I would think a kind letter to the station would be all she needs.