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I have got a very good 500EL/M (E-BAY)and all functions are fine
With it i got a Recharge unit III (according to Rick Nordins Compendium page 229 top .
Unfortunately i have no description with it. There are two 5 pin plugs on the right side of the timer. The top one is a male und the one just below it is a female plug .can anyone tell me how these plugs are used / connected to ????
regards Jürgen

The cable between camera and unit should be connected to the lower socket. You can use a Hasselblad connecting cord (code LK 150 or LK 500)

The upper socket is used to plug in a release cord, so you can release the camera through the recharge unit while connected, if you should wish to do that.

The dial is used to set the recharging time. After the time has expired, the unit switches to a trickle charge.
> Ok , Qnu

> thanks a lot for the fast response . Sounds logical . So the > batteries stay in the camera , while beeing loaded . I have also a recharge unit I . Will that plug into the camera's five pin socket with the batteries still in the camera ??? If so , i will have to take care of loading time using my wrist watch ????? Regards Jürgen .

Yes, the batteries stay in the camera with either recharge unit.

There are/were holders available to recharge batteries outside the camera (look at "Battery compartment 1" and Battery compartment 3" on page 223 in Richard Nordin's most excellent book).
But generally, batteries are recharged while in the camera.

Loading time is obviously taken care of by the timer in the Recharge unit III you were asking about.
But yes, you have to keep track of how long the thing is charging yourself when using the simple recharge unit 1. A simple timer switch will help.

Set the the little "LOT"-switch set to "L" when loading.
It must be set to "L" if the camera stopped mid cycle. If not, if the camera has completed its cycle, it can be set to either "L" or "O". But always setting it to "L" when loading won't hurt. ;-)
Hi there!

Today, by a friend tip, I bough a nice Hasselblad 500cm with A12 back and the black 80mm T 2.8 lens. Ebay rulez

I'll pick it up next tuesday in London and will be using it on spair times in Dublin (business trip)

I'm a Canon 10D user, Olympus OM user, Rolleiflex user, and Minolta AF user. yeah... I know... too many systems.

Anyway, Hasselblad allways seemed a very expensive system that I would never be able to afford. But then again I paid 1300 euros for my 10D... These days you can get a 500cm KIT for half that price or even less.
> Thanks Qnu . I appreciate your qualified answers very much . Have a nice day . Regards Jürgen
Hasselblad 712 Hard System Case

Anybody know where I can buy replacement padded dividers for these cases? I also need to source the runners with velcro that mount the dividers.

Many thanks,


Sorry, but i don't know. Maybe someone else does.

May i ask to start new topics in new threads? And preferably in the for that topic appropriate section of this forum?