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Re-uniting mismatched film magazines


By suggestion of our moderator I post this thread also in the 500C-section (especially as I forgot to list the other non-matching pair that I have).

Very often magazine inserts and magazine shells that originally did belong together got mixed with other magazines and separated. Especially after half a decade. I have two magazines from 1953 that have the wrong inserts. Chances are low but in case somebody has the corresponding non-matching pair I would be very happy to exchange the inserts to re-unite them with their original shells.

Hasselblad magazine 12, Nr. CP 14947, insert CV 11326
Hasselblad magazine 12, Nr. CP 15176, insert CP 15670
Hasselblad magazine 12, No. CU 39659, insert CU 34786

Maybe other list-members have old non-matching magazines that they would like to add to this thread.


I am sure this will give a nice worldwide response.
Because I am lousy with numbers, ask my accountant, I appoint you
official assistant moderator to handle these threads.

There are no perks just the obligation to sort everything.
Of course you have first choice when something comes up.

I already have visions of groups holding more than 12 partcipants trying to swap inserts.....

Happy hunting.