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Re-uniting magazine shells and inserts


very often magazine inserts and magazine shells that originally did belong together got mixed with other magazines and separated. Especially after half a decade. I have two magazines from 1953 that have the wrong inserts. Chances are low but in case somebody has the corresponding non-matching pair I would be very happy to exchange the inserts to re-unite them with their original shells.

Hasselblad magazin 12, Nr. CP 14947, insert CV 11326
Hasselblad magazin 12, Nr. CP 15176, insert CP 15670

Maybe other list-members have old non-matching magazines that they would like to add to this thread.

Hello Ulrik,

I think we need a global database to sought out this chaos.
Never the less I will check my antique section to see if I can match your numbers.
All of my pre '57 filmbacks and inserts are still happy together.
I do have a number of later backs with non matching inserts.
Chances are older inserts were put in those.

It could be usefull to post this request also in the 500C - 500CM thread.
Older magazines are often used with later bodies.

Hello Paul,
yes, a global database would be the best and maybe the only chance to sort out a bit of this mess. These are the only mismatched magazines of my arsenal. Many of the 1000F cameras seem to have lived separate from other Hasselblad cameras. This I conclude from the fact that a couple of my 1000F camera bodies are still together with the back that the left the factory with and some even with the original lens.

With more recent backs matching becomes more difficult. Inserts do not carry the full serial number but only three digit stickers. These can get lost or switched.

Hello Ulrik,

I was more thinking of backs that immediately followed the early ones.
The last model preceding the A series so to speak.
In those backs I have found much older inserts as well.

If there are any mismatched early inserts with my backs there is only chance they are in these backs.
The pre '57 backs I have all have the correct insert as far as I know.

Such a database was suggested by a mr David Miller a few months ago, and will appear very soon on Hasselblad Historical

Mr Miller is looking for grips, filters and other items marked "OVG Nr 4" to match his 508 mm Dallmeyer. The accessories he has are all marked "OVG Nr 3", so there may be someone having the "OVG Nr 3" lens, looking for the similarly marked accessories, now in posession of mr Miller.

Numbers of mismatched magazines and shells, and other mismatched items can be emailed to
Hallo Ulrik,

One thing that was keeping this thing, and will make it look rather silly at first, is the lack of data. Without data, no database.

One other thing was deciding how to tackle the collection and publication of the data, and the reactions and subsequent processing/transactions we hope this will generate.
Have not had much time to do this, so it will start with a very, very low level of automation. Hence the submission of data by email.

Your data are noted!