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Quick release and tripod release cord


Can anyone tell me about the 503's quick coupling and to what specs I need to buy a tripod for it to fit? Tripod recommendations anyone?

Also, I tried to find a release cord for the camera on B&H but I can't seem to find one? Can anyone help me with this?

Honestly, I'm not particularly fond of Hassey's quick disconnect coupling. It's not really that quick to me.

I have a Manfrotto 057 head with it's own quick disconnect coupling and it 'disconnects/connects' quicker than the Hassey. You can also get a dedicated quick coupler from Manfrotto that I think is a better design in that you can quickly pop in/out your hassey without the 'sliding' thing you need to do with the Hassey coupler.

As for the remote cord, you need to get Hassey product number 3044123, but you need a CW winder too.

Hope this helps.
Hi Marcus,

I use both the Hassy and Arca swiss mounts, I think that the Hassy is an excellent design and very low weight - and it seems very secure.

I however, have a couple of legs and different heads, one is my Arca Swiss B1 on a Gitzo GT-1548 carbon, which I currently don't for my blad, but for the blad i use my Gitzo 2220 Explorer legs with a Manfrotto 410 geared head and i use the Manfrotto plate as my base plate for either Arca Swiss or Hassy, which sort of defeats the light and elegant way the Hassy is designed.

I don't think unless you have a really long lens, that anything bigger then the Gitzo 2220 legs would be needed, the carbon version is only 350g lighter and twice the price in OZ (AUD$400 vs AUD$800).

I personally like the Gitzo legs more so then the Manfrotto, and the newer Gitzo I have seen are even better then mine currently are.

However, just for the record, the Gitzo 2220 can handle a small-medium sized 4x5 camera, see by Alain Briot (which reviews the 2227 carbon fiber model which is the same as the 2220 Alu)

Good luck


Yesterday, I was considering purchasing the GT2530EX. Did you have any trouble getting use to the off center support and the infinite leg setting latches?


The "Arca Swiss" quick mount is close to being a "defacto standard". Unfortunately, the foot on Hasselblad bodies needs an adapter which adds bulk and another failure point.

Fortunately a company called Clear Sight ( make a replacement foot. It is relatively simple to unscrew the original Hasselblad foot and put on the Clear Sight foot. The actual product is here:

Then the Hasselblad body slides onto any "Arca" mount with no adapter required.

Personally, after trying several, I prefer the Manfrotto Carbon One tripod with The Ultimate Ball Head ( With the Clear Sight foot, the Hasselblad slides straight on to the ball head. Very quick, very easy and very secure.

The other advantage of replacing the foot is that the camera is more comfortable to handhold without a QR adapter underneath and it sits better on a flat surface.

For a release cord, you can use any brand. I use the Hasselblad cable release only because, at one time, I enjoyed wasting money on photography equipment. It certainly is a well-made cable release but does not do the job any better than a cheaper one...

Regarding the release cord:

This can only be used while using the winder correct? This is my problem.
I haven;t experienced any problems with the legs nor the center column. Having said that, there was once when I had the legs down really low, but with a Canon 1Ds and Canon EF70-200LIS lens, it was giving in a little, but I tighten up the rings and it was fine after that, I have to say i was very low and it was in a very odd low :-( i didn't get the shot I was looking for!

Cable release, isn't attached into the shutter, ( I obviously dont have the 503CWD) only the 503CW, so I am guessing (thats a bit dangerous)

the Ultimate ball looks like an awesome head - and I am sure the Carbon One are great legs too, I didn't mean to knock any other brands with my Gitzo
and thanks for the link to Clear Sight

CW or CWD doesn't matter at all: a CWD is a CW that came as a kit with a CFV digital back. Apart from the name badge, and the focusing screen supplied with the camera, there is no difference between the two.

'Regular' cable releases are screwed into the release button, and will only work without the Winder CW atached.
When using the winder, an electric cable can be plugged in the winder.
Here is one:

It is just a tubular cable with a plunger through the centre. It screws into the camera's chrome release button on the front, lower, right corner. Just press the plunger to take a photo without disturbing the camera (on a tripod).

It usually has a lock so you can lock the camera open on 'B' setting for long, manually-timed exposures.

The more expensive ones are smoother but even the cheap ones will do the job.

As Karl Malden used to say, "Don't leave home without it".


Almost any cable release will do. (Apparently there are ones that do not 'stick out' far enough. I have never come across one of those myself.)
Go to your local photo shop, and ask for a cable release. Unless they have been in business for only a couple of years, they will know the things.
Hi, Peter - I just purchased an Acratech V2 ball head and the clearsight foot adapter you recommended. The foot attached perfectly, as you described. However, the V2 has a spring loaded pin as a safety catch and the clearance between the ballhead cl& rails and my 501CM's rubber feet is minimal. After a bit of moving things around, the body mounted and the retaining pin set. Guess what? I can't remove the camera! Not enough clearance to open the cl&s and the spring pin prevents sliding the camera fore/aft. I'm guessing your ballhead doesn't have the safety catch?

Warning to others - if you try this combination, make sure you pick the Acratech head without the safety catch!


That is unfortunate.

I have the original Acratech "Ultimate Ball Head" (V1?). It does not have a safety catch.

Can you remove the safety catch or lock it down out of the way?

Maybe Acratech will swap the V2 for a V1 for you.

Peter - I've removed the catch for now and will see if Acratech will swap it for a new one without the catch. The V2 has many of the "ultimate" features, but in a more traditional shape. Beautifully made.