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Questions about 203FE winder and lenses


New Member
I am a beginner, and am having trouble with operating the camera.
Here are my questions:
I have an 80 CFE, and an A12 back. I know I have to set the ISO manually, but, after it is set, can I go to the A or AB mode?
Does the lens have to be set in the F mode (ring closest to the end of the camera-farthest away from the camera)in A or AB mode?
Does the camera automatically set the aperature and shutter speed after I meter before I take a picture, or do I use the meter readings and adjust the camera?

After "programming in" the film speed, you can indeed go to any metering mode you want.

The lens will have to be set to "F", yes.

You select the aperture you want to use by setting it manually on the lens, and the camera will set the shutterspeed automatically (aperture priority) when you take a reading.