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Question re 503CW


I bought a used 503CW from KEH. Had been shooting with a 501CM. No manual (it may have answered my question). I notice as I look through the viewfinder that there is a small rectangle in the upper right corner (I'm using a PME45 otherwise it would be opposite obviously). I take off the viewfinder . .nothing. Take out focus screen and there is the tiny clear plastic culprit that obviously is meant to be there. I'm just curious what is it's purpose? I assume it has something to do with TTL for flash?
That is the flash ready/flash sufficient LED indicator. It lets you know when the SCA compatible flash is ready to fire, and after an exposure wil blink to let you know that it was sufficient for the exposure.

Yes, it is the TTL light which indicates proper flash exposure, or not, when you use a TTL compatible flash such as the Hasselblad D-40.

The other difference you'll notice is the TTL ISO dial on the side of the camera body which is used to tell the camera what ISO film you're using .... or to plus or minus the flash exposure depending on lighting conditions or creative objectives (such as using flash for fill rather than the main source of light ).