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Question from new beginner.


New Member
Hello everyone,

I am very new to Hasselblad but I really like photography, so I decided to buy a professional camera for my future use. I just want to have several basic questions.

The first question is about Hasselblad's usage. What type of photography that Hasselblad is most suitable for. I mean, can you bring it out of the studio and take great outdoor pictures? For example, I often go travel with my friends to take pictures of the landscape there, so is Hasselblad good for this task?

Also the second question I want to ask is when I looked at ebay I found a bunch of 500 C/M body (without lens) and the price is pretty low. So can I just buy the machine, then buy a lens and use it afterwards? This link for example:
I think the price for the body will be around $200, how about the price for a cheap lens?

Thank you all very much. All the answers will be highly appreciated.
Welcome to the world of medium format and Hasselblad cameras!

Hasselblad cameras were designed with handheld use in mind.
Of course this means that shutterspeeds should be observed.
Speeds from 1/60 are suitable with standard 80 mm lenses.
Only after training and experience slower speeds can be tried at the risk of
unsharp images.
Up till 5x7 inches or 13x18 cm most handheld shots will be ok.
If you intend to print at larger formats the use of a strong tripod is recommended.

Consider buying a camera set. That may save you some money.
Do not forget most cameras in the price range you are looking for are older ones
that could need a service before they will deliver good reliable service.