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Question for maybe starter


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At the moment I'm shooting with a 5D and do alot of studio work and location but mostly modelphotography.

The original idea was to go for the 1DsII but the quality of the 5D pulled me over to that one.
On the last Pro Imaging I was handed a H2D22 Hassy to shoot several workshops with I teached at the fair.
The pictures blew me away, not only the resolution but the quality of the shots, dynamic range color etc.

At the moment I'm more and more irritated with the 12 bit system which leaves nasty banding on some graduated backgrounds.
But I also love the 35mm system.

Normally the hasselblad would not be in my price range but the new CLV system is retailing for 7500,00 euros at the moment which puts it in my pricerange.

The question (although by asking here I think I know the answer) is simple, what is wisdom.
I have alot invested in the Canon system and to be honest I love to shoot Full frame wide open but I also want to switch to a 16 bits system and the 1DsIII will probarbly be a long wait. But maybe 16 bits (seeing the 1DIII now being 14).

I know the CLV means Manual focus and I know I have to invest in at least one extra lens, but how is the quality compared to the FF system of the 5D, and is it worth the switch, or should I wait out the 1DsIII or safe more for the H2D22 second hand.

Also one smaller question.
My main lens for portrait at the moment is 135mm what would that translate to for the CLV (I guess 200mm ?)

Hope someone can help, see my work at to get an idea of what I do.

16 bits has less to do with it as much as the larger sensor and 9 micron size of the pixels ... not to mention the Zeiss glass compared to almost anything from Canon. The CFV produces smoother tonal transitions, better dynamic range, and less trouble with specular highlights than with even my Canon 1DsMKII, let alone the 5D.

The V system has two basic approaches: the 500 series and the 200 series.

The 200 series is a focal plane camera and offers access to faster aperture lenses like a 50/2.8FE, 100/2FE, 150/2.8FE, and 250/4FE. the flash sync speed with these cameras is 1/90th. In addition the lenses for the 500 series camera can be used on these cameras.
The CFV back will work on most 200 cameras, but the camera has to be modified at the factory.

The The 500 series cameras are leaf shutter based with a huge range of lenses ... all with top shutter speeds of 1/500th, but flash syncs at all speeds. They tend to have a bit slower maximum apertures than the 200 cameras. The CFV works directly on this camera with no modification.

If you opt for the 500 series, a good short tele is the 180/4

Since I am a pack rat, and never sell truely great MF gear, I use 503CWs and 203FEs with the CFV, even though I have the H2D/22 and H3D/39.
The fastest speed is 1/500 you mean ?
I would opt for the CFV complete package, I believe it's the back, camera, viewer and 80mm f2.8 lens which is sold for 7500,00 over here.

The dynamic range was indeed something I fell in love with.
The square format is something that troubles me, I love it on the screen but with print I have to crop for magazines that's enough resolution and I believe that for other posters there will be enough resolution left.

I will try to borrow a unit from the distributor and see how it operates in my workflow, it's really difficult and I'm torn as can be at the moment, one piece is saying don't do it because I love the speed and format of the FF cams, the perfectionist side of me says do it.

The loss of shutterspeeds, AF and the investment in new lenses are all part of the confussion but I guess a test will say more :D

Calling them tomorrow I think.
Nevermind it was back only (it was too good to be true).
Think I will keep saving up for a H2D22 and first wait for the 5DII or 1DsIII.

I want to keep the upgraden sub 10.000 euros.
The current US promotional price for the Hasselblad 503CWD ( special edition 503CW, 80/2.8CFE, CFV digital back and all cords, software, case etc.), is $10,995. or 8,200 Euro.

I don't know what taxes and import duties apply to that total, or if it would add up to more than 1,000. Euros.
Uhmm... Sorry!
It's not part of the "Old horse" promotion, but a separate offer.
Still: a 503 CWD bundle now comes with a free CFE 40 mm lens. Tempting?

That bundle 503CWD plus a free CFE40mm lens is now also available in Germany .
If you are interested , have a look to . You might find the bundle offer there . If not call them . That offer came to me with an E-MAIL yesterday .

Nowhere, i'm afraid. I don't find it on any of the other of Hasselblad's sites either.
It was in a mailing (Jürgen, thanks for pointing that out, but you must have noticed that i already knew about the promotion
) Hasselblad sent

Sorry . . . .ups . You are right .

But I am not buying any of these offers . I have all I want .
Does HASSELBLAD a sell of the board because a new CFV back (CFV22) will come up ? ? ?
Or because they want to get rid of all things V-System?
Reduced pricing, lenses for free even...
Q.G. I am beginning to think not.

I have been contacted by Hasselblad to contribute to a new sub-hasselblad site called
Hasselblad V-Universe. Four photographers have been asked to participate in it's kick off launch ... a swedish one, two from the UK and moi for the US of A.

I wonder if they'd go to the trouble if the V demise was just around the corner?

God these cameras are a blast. Just returned from the Sikh/Hindu wedding and shot more stuff with the Hassey than all three of the 35mm digital cameras combined.

S&le uploads to come.
At the moment I have decided to save a little bit more and find a second hand H1D/H2D setup maybe with a Phase one back.

I think the loss of AF will bite me sooner or later, I do a lot of fast moving sessions and am afraid the waist finder and manual focus will not be what I eventually want

Your last post is like some good jazz music. Truly cool!

Congratulations for your Hasselblad affair.

Lately I've been checking prices for refurbished or used PhaseOne backs. They still are away of my reach. I know it's going to happen in less than a year.

Long live the V system!

Marc wrote: <<<<....and>>>>

Touche Marc! Should we refer to you as "Captain Marc"; or El Presidente!
I bet their selection criteria must have been: who in the US owns everything we have made!?
So, the choice was obvious!

More seriously, it makes great sense to have a committed V series user who is equally committed to the H series and digital capture.

Yes, a neat initiative by Hasselblad and a well chosen US representative - long live V series.
Just call me El Exhaustedo Simon.

I had two days of wedding work, then two days of Memorial Day work ... each of which had me doing a 10K equivalent in running about.

"I think the loss of AF will bite me sooner or later, I do a lot of fast moving sessions and am afraid the waist finder and manual focus will not be what I eventually want"

Perhaps Frank, but it's amazing how fast you can get with these cameras with practice and a few tricks. Speaking of fast moving sessions, see my post on the 203FE goes to a Sikh/Hindu wedding : -)
Marc A. Williams (Fotografz) wrote on May 31:

' 2007 - 11:53 am,I had two days of wedding work, then two days of Memorial Day work ... each of which had me doing a 10K equivalent in running about. '

Wow! $40,000 in four days! Now I can understand how you guys can afford the D_________l backs.

Can you cut me in too?