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Question about step up ring from Bay60


New Member
I have a question about using a step up ring. I am using a 50oc/m with 80mmCF (Bay 60). I want to try some infrared photography so looked into a deep red filter. The price for the Bay60 is much much more than the comparable screw in (the 67mm for ex&le). I thought a set-up ring would be best. Which step-up would be best? Also, is there a size I could use and still be able to fit the lens hood on the outside of the lens? Is this the way to go? BTW, I have been using the cokin p system but am wary of light bleeding around the filter during the longer exposure times for infrared. Is this a valid concern? Thanks for the help.


You are on track, a 3041530 or commonly listed as 41530 bay 60 adapter will accept a 67 mm filter. The shade will work too as it fits on the outside of the lens!

Good Luck: