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Question about PM 90 finder


New Member
I'm thinking about getting a PM 90 & wanted to ask if it makes it cumbersome to remove the back when using this prism since it sits so close to the film back? For my shoting style - I really like the 90 more than the 45 degree finder - but want to be able to change backs without it being a hassle.

> Changing backs with the PM90 prism on is not a problem. There is a knob on the prism that pushes the magazine release knob via a rod. Ulrik
Hi John,

I use a PM90E and have done so for a number of years, I find it a great asset to point and shoot photography, and although it took a little bit of practice, I can replace backs with relative ease - although it does require a little bit of dexterity with the thumb and forefinger.