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Question about filter size


New Member

I bought a Hassy 500CM that came with a 80mm 2.8 T* lens.

Theis is a problemn with some marks on the read element but I'm hopping it will not influence the picture quallity by much. Anyway I'm considering getting a 150mm and a 50mm for portraits and landscape so this is not a bit issue.

I would like to buy some filters, but I dont know what is the size of each of these lens... can anyone tell me where I can get the filter size of each lens for hasselblad..?

Depends if your lens is a C or a CF model. They have different size filters, the C lens using the smaller variant. It is either labeled B50 or B57 (just to confuse people). I think the CF has a B60 filter (I don't own one of these so I could be wrong).

Simple question: Is your 80mm lens a full metal one? Is it all metal on the focusing ring? If it is all bright chrome metal, then definitely a B50 filter. Remember B50 is not 50mm on the street. It is not a screw in filter. You can find some B50 --> 52mm screw in adapter. Then you can enjoy 52mm screw in filters, like Nikons' do. Black metal focusing ring is also B50.

If focusing ring is rubber then it is a B60.

You are advised to go to eBay and search for the Hasselblad lens auctions. You can tell which model of your lens is (by comparing your lens with the photos).
I confirm that planar CF 80mm and distagon CF 50mm fit with B60, I can't tell you for 150mm...
The Sonnar 150mm/f4 CF T* at least also has B60.
And to my knowledge the same goes for the Sonnar 180mm/f4.
Hasselblad also offers converters this size for their filter bajonet the same as for the B50.
Hi all.

@ Pal Dou
My lens its a black one, all in metal, with the T*. I think its an 80mm C T* but I'm not sure.

Thanks to you all about the replies. Seems that I was correct to be confused....

What`s the shutter type?
Synchro-Compur or Prontor?
It seems to me, you have a B50 size!


Hi !! the CF 80mm and 50mm have prontor... The black version of C which is T* have synchro compur
> Hi The CF80 mm has a 60 mm BAJONET and prontor. The older C T* has a 50 mm BAJONET and compur.