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Looking at adverts in photomagazines , you get almost forced to buy protection filters (against infrared and UV light) when using a digi camera . Do you need this "protection filter" for HASSELBLAD digibacks ? ? ?
Who has experience with this topic and can give some advice ? ? ?
The use of UV filters is not different with digibacks from their use with film. They filter very little UV-light, because most is held back by the glass in the lenses already, and serve mainly as a transparent lens cap.

IR filters are used because sensors are sensitive to IR light, and you would not like the effect.
Most, if not all (see the specs) digibacks have the IR-filter mounted on the sensor. The specifications for all Hasselblad backs are available on their website, so check them out.

I had a look to the datasheets of all digital backs offered by HASEELBLAD and find , that only CF39 , CF39H and CFV have an
IR-Filter mounted on the CCD sensor .

So , does that mean , that all other backs need an IR-Filter to be used with the lens ? If so , why is it not written in the datasheets ?
Glas blocks most of UV light , but that in turn would mean , that any UV filter is a "no need" , unless your lens has elements which do not block UV light .

It would be interesting to know , how all of you , who already work with digital backs , handle this IR/UV filter "problem" .
What are your experiences ?
The backs can be used as-is, would be a bit daft to have people buy IR filters seperately.

UV is a no-need filter, unless (I imagine) you are lucky enough to own an UV-Sonnar. But it would be a bit ass-backward to add an UV filter to an UV-Sonnar in most cases ;-)

The spec-sheets appear not to be as usefull as i thought.
As Wilko said, you do not need an IR-blocking filter on the lens to use a digital back. It would indeed be daft were it not so.

UV filters do block some UV light that would otherwise not be stopped, but not much. You can see the effect only in situations where there is a lot of UV light, at the beach, high up in the mountains.

If you own a UV-Sonnar, it would indeed be rather silly to put a UV blocking filter on it. You might as well not own a UV-Sonnar.
And considering how much they cost, very very many of us do indeed not own an UV-Sonnar.

i am working with the 96c digiback and checked my users guide. It says that 96C, 132c,384c and 528c have all IR filters on their CCD sensors.
I never use UV filters on my Hasselblad lenses.
I use it on some Leica M lenses for protection.