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Problems to get the back off




I've got an old 500c I adopted on ebay. I got a prism finder for it too, the rig is shown in the attachment. It is the Harley Davidson of cameras and it takes amazing pictures.'

recently I have not been able to get he back off. I dont think its the prism "pusher" rod, i can see the action pretty clearly and the button does move. I can move it with a screwdriver too, no go. Slide in, sldie out, cocked, uncocked, whatever. I've loading and inserting the cartridge with the back on the body, but I'd like to solve this problem. Any clues?

The attachment


There are two possibilities here:

1. With this set-up, it is possible that the side of the button on top of the film back is worn, as a result of the plunger in the prism pushing against it for many years. If this is this case, the plunger moves, but slides over the top of the button, instead of pushing against it. If this is the problem, the button on top of the film back should be replaced.

2. Another cause of this problem could be that the corner(s) of the dark slide are bent. As you probably know, the dark slide has to be inserted in the film back for the back to be removed from the camera.

There is a locking bar in the film back that blocks the movement of the button on top of the back. This prevents the film back from being removed from the camera if the dark slide is not inserted.

When the dark slide is inserted, the top corner of the dark slide pushes against the locking bar, enabling the button to move, so that the film back can be removed from the camera body.

If the corner of the dark slide is bent, it can fail to push the locking bar out of the way, which will not allow the button to move all the way, so the film back won't come off the camera body.

Look at the top corner of the dark slide. If it is bent, try to straighten it out, insert it into the back, and see if the back will come off the camera body. If not, turn the dark slide around the other way, insert it into the back, and try to remove the back again. If this doesn't work, try another dark slide.

If you straighten out the corners of the dark slide and this doesn't work, and you try another dark slide and this doesn't work, then the problem is probably that the button is worn, and should be replaced.

Dave Odess
Factory trained Hasselblad technician
28 South Main Street #104
Randolph, MA 02368
(781) 963-1166
to dave and robert-

thought id follow up- I did manage to get the back off with some wiggling and fiddling, and then set to work to see what the problem was. I did remove the front layer from the magazine, exposing the two spring-lockers that the darkslide moves when it is inserted. as usual, a very simple and effective mechanism... I think that although none of the parts look overly worn, each surface is worn just enough (that is, each darkslide surface and the surfaces in the magazine that they slide against, total, 4) to let the darkslide slip past the spring without pushing it out of the way. for now I've just removed the spring, (the shutter lock spring is still OK) and relying on experience to check for darkslide presence before removing the back... - Is there a standard fix for this.... besides sending it to hassy?

hi chris,by simply removing the small spring in your mag, you have not solved the problem i would suggest sending it to a repair station .i myself are a camera repair tech. with over 35 years experiece in the field of mostly pro cameras .i think a new Darkslide and a new
spring and working on the darkslide channel will solve your problem (i have had many customers with the very same problem and solved it that way) dont suggest you try to do this yourself anless you had prof. training as it can be very complex and you could do more damage to the mag. and while you inside the darkslide channel i would also replace the lightseal.
Jurgen Kuschnik
654 Shadow Lake Drive
Thousand Oaks, CA 91360
Cell 805 427 3929
HI JURGEN, as I cant get to you via email, i'll post this and hope you respond:Hi Jurgen,

I found your email on a Hassy website and I was wondering if you could help me. You mentioned you repaired Hassy backs soooo....

1. I just purchased a used S16 magazine on ebay, thinking it was a 6 4.5 format... Ooops. Anyway, is there a way I can change the interior square to a 645 format? It looks rather possible. If so, would you happen to have the interior 645 window for sale? Or could I send it to you and you could do it?

2. I have thea 12 magazine that needs a new light strip. I took it apart and the foam is rotten and glue has all dried out. Do you sell these as well? Or should I send it to you and you do it?

Thanks so much, I look forward to your input. Note: I am only about 10 min. fm thousand oaks...