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Printing 6x6 negs


New Member
I am new to hasselblad as this post will show. I am trying to print my negs and I quickly learned that a 50mm enlarger lens will not cover enough. I asked around and I was told that an 80mm lens would do the trick. I have a 75mm lens so I tried it out and although it covered more of the negative, it didn't cover it all, not even really that close. It doesn't look to me like an 80mm would be enough, but I am not sure if my enlarger will go high enough for a 105mm lens. Am I doing something wrong or am I misunderstanding something. I know this isn't really a hasselblad question but it is because of my hasselblad that I am asking. BTW, my hasselblad is a black 1978 500 c/m with an 80mm 2.8 lens and my enlarger is a Durst F60 (I think) with a 75mm Schneider Componar lens. Thanks for your help,
Philip: The 75mm lens should be fine. The problem is the condensors in the enlarger. I don't remember the Durst F60 specifically, but most enlargers that do both formats have a provision for changing the condensors (set of lenses inside the enlarger) out - one set for 35mm, another set for 2-1/4, another for 4x5 etc. Some have "variable condensors" meaning you turn a knob to move them. Check the manual for the enlarger, or search the Durst website. Hope this helps.
Hey Ronn, thanks for the info.

Does anyone happen to know where I can find a Durst F60 manual. I have looked around a bit without luck but I will keep looking.