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Print quality from Photoshop settings

Hi there, anyone know if there is an optimum setting for getting the best quality from
16MB files being enlarged to 36'' and 24'' square and printed out, from photoshop? Or do we just trust the

best wishes, Carl
Carl, not too much information to go on in your post, but I'm assuming that you are colour managing your prints? If not, then I would strongly suggest that you do. Get a colour profile (ICC profile), for your inkset/printer and paper combination and set that for your printer output. Use Let Photoshop Determine the colours option in the print dialogue. If you are already colour managing your prints, then I would still suggest that you let Photoshop manage the colours. If you want any further information about printing, feel free to ask. Or, maybe I'm misinterpreting your post.


PROFILE Lstar-RGB-v2.icc


I am using Lstar-RGB-v2.icc profile for all my images and let PSCS3/4 determine the colors option in the print dialog .

How do we get the best quality out of an H3D11-50/H4d-60, Photoshop and a 7900?

One of the reasons I want the Hd4-60 is that it will let me print the full width of 24" @360 original camera pixels per print inch, without scaling.

I have a Color Edge CG211, a macBook Pro 17 i1 calibrator...

Which is the best profile/colour space? Hasselblad RGB, Dcam...?

What other settings make a difference?

I use tripod or flash, MLU, polarising filter, lens shade, 50 ASA P3...
I am not an expert at printing as you indicate, but 40 years in the printing industry has taught me that the types of media (can vary in color) the toners, dyes, inks, etc., all vary in color as well.

Factor this in, too...