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Portrait lens selection


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I was hoping someone could help out on the best choice lens for portrait work 3/4 lenght to full length. Will be using the 503 CWD with the CFV II back. It came with the 40 CFE lens. I also have a 50 CFT distagon. Test shots show that either will work depending how close I get. Would the 50 be better since it is less 'wide angle' and therefore would create less distortion of facial features etc? For close up work I have the 150 CFT and 250 CFT so there will not be a problem there. Would appreciate anyones comments.
Portrait lens

It is not only the focal length but also other properties of a lens that give them a reputation of good portrait lenses.
The old silver 150 was quite famous for portraits of head or head and shoulders.

With digital all this changes because of the sensor size.
Pure arithmatic points you in the direction of the 100 mm lens.
That is an exceptional lens with ultra low distorion but also high resolution.
Too much resolution can be corrected in post production with Phocus.
The 100 and possibly the 120 are the lenses I would try.
For full portrait I would go for the 100 mm lens.
Thanks for your input. I should have mentioned that I don't have that much room behind me. I also have the 80/ 2.8 planar but with that I'm already as far back as I can go.
As you already have most of lenses, you just need to buy a 60, 100,120 to be sure what you want.

BTW the 100mm should be "the other lens" to use with the 40IF recieved with the CFV.
Perhaps next promo (40mm IF + 100mmCFi for free) to sell the 16Mpix CFV when others will sell the 45x6 60Mpix !
BTW the 100mm should be "the other lens" to use with the 40IF recieved with the CFV.

Good point!

The 100 mm Planar is excellent for use with digital backs.
This lens offers low distortion and very good resolution, an advantage with digital backs.

553 + 100MK.jpg

553ELX with 100 mm MK lens


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