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Polaroid film backs


New Member
I just bought a 503cx and am now looking for an appropriate polaroid back. I've noticed that there are a number of third-party companies producing these backs. I'm thiking of getting a used NPC 100. Any opinions on who to choose (or more importantly who to avoid) would be appreciated. Also, are there any less than obvious things i should look for when buying a used model?
Sorry for 2 blank postings. It simply did not transfer the text through my server!
Jeremie; do you really want a polaroid back? The film quality is not that great and often its not the same film speed as the one you are using. I have good results using a digital camera for preview. You do not need many pixels as long as it has the exposure information and you can set the film speed. Probably cheeper than a polaroid back! Does any one else use this technique?
I have used a Polaroid back since 1983 and the tests gave me reassurance. A friend of mine used the NPC Pol back. I never heard complaints about it. It's true that a digital camera will probably help with esposure, but if you are using any device such as a softar, you won't see what a print looks like and the same goes for wide angle group shots. You may get benefit from looking at a Polaroid test to check depth of field. I'd keep a loupe handy.
I just recently bought a very old hassy EL & need to get a polariod back for that camera. Is there any specific back for that? I think there may be, due to the motor on the bottom of the camera that extends beyond the back.
>Bear with me .. this is my first post to this group .. I also have the EL and I use the Hasselblad 500 Polioraoid Back with mine and I have no problems with it at all .. unless of course there is a 45 finder in the way
The base of the film backs, including the Polaroid back sit flush with the bottom of the non motorized camera, hence the motorized base is not an issue with regard to the film back.
I just bought an NPC MF-1 Polaroid back on eBay. The back is in mint condition, but I'm wondering where I can get an instruction book for it. The NPC site does not have any booklets. Any suggestions?
Also, for those using the camera with a tripod, B&H sells an adapter for that if it extends below the camera body and interferes with the tripod. Gitzo is one brand (very pricey) and then they have an off brand. But, when I got mine, I couldn't believe what it was. Just a piece of wood about 2 inches high with a hole drilled in it with a metal threading inserted. I could've made one myself if I had known what it looked like.
I have a MF-2, and love it. It helps when you are new and need some encouragement on whether you even will get an image!!
What is NPC's site? I can't pull them up anymore and wondered if I even had the right web address. Could someone post it on this thread for me?
Thanks, Dean, I guess the last time I checked that address they may have been down due to the virus of the time (those hackers were having a contest on how many sites they could pull down in a day)Wish I had that kind of time LOL
I purchased an MF-2 off ebay, but, now that I am looking at it closer, I could've sworn it was a MF-1. I have to look at both to make sure.
>wet process film - is mentioned on the NPC site - is that just another word for the technique used in polaroid films ? is it a Kodak thing ?
I recently purchased A HMi 100 for my H1 as Jake mentioned above this is used for DOF check and light. I would rather use one of these so you know what you camera is producing.