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Polarizing filter for 40mm CF


New Member
I`m looking into getting a Polarizing filter for my 40mmCF. This has the 93mm thread. Nordin refers to the serial number as 41645/51422. There`s a version listed on Ebay with a number on the box, 3041646 so I`m not sure if this would be a fit for the lens although it is described as 93mm on its box featured by th evendor.

As far as fitting is concerned, I presume the polarizer screws into the thread on the lens which is where the lens shade usually screws in (containing the filter retainer.

polarising filter-40cf

That is the correct number you have on the box; it will screw in directly to the filter thread; if you don't have a prism, or a pme 90, you might find that estimating the filter factor a lttle difficult- it varies between 2-3 stops, depending on the subject, and reflectance.