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Polarizer for 40mm CFE

The polarizer for 93 mm from Hasselblad has part number 41646.
This filter is no longer available.
Occasionaly it is offered at eBay were it will go around 200 USD.
Last price for a new filter was about 600 USD.

After removing the shade it may be possible to fit an 86 mm filter.
Depending on the filter you may need an extension as the filter is likely to touch the front of the lens.

has linear and circular polarizers in the size 86x1 and 95x1 in their program .
Listed January 2007 .
> If you take a 95mm filter, such as a Tiffen, Hoya, B&W, and remove the glass from the threaded mount, the glass fits into the filter holder on the front of the lens. Just use a correctly sized, spanner wrench to carefully remove the ring from the threaded filter mount. This gives you a high quality, glass filter for a fraction of the cost of a hasselblad filter.

This will not work for a polarizer as this is a twin layer filter that needs to be adjusted.
There does not seem to be any 93 mm filter from Heliopan or B+W.
Used filters will be the only option now.
> It does indeed work. I've used this polarizer for years. It's s single piece of glass that was removed from a 95mm filter mount. The B&W filter mount for the glass is labeled "B+W 95 TOP-POL". It's a linear polarizer.
Marcus , Paul

You can use drop in filters serie93 . I have one as a skylight filter .
The Heliopan 2007 catalogue lists a serie93 linear polarizer drop in filter . 93,0x6,0mm .
You can find this filter on page 8 of the downloadable pricelist 2007 .
The price for that filter is 134,00€ incl. VAT
Here's a Polar-iced image! (Crushed to 114kb)
Linear, Series 60 on 150 Sonnar


As a matter of interest, wasn't there a series of glassless filter rings you could get. Maybe this is another approach. But Heliopan looks good. At least it is not that monster 104mm you are looking for.
Cheers, Colin

It is not the front element of the lens you might touch with an 86mm filter, it is the metal 'leaves' surrounding the front element. They protrude further out.


I don't know . I have never seen that drop in polarizer .
All I can say , it is listed in the catalogue .
But if you are interested , you can call Frau Summer at Heliopan 0049 89 8980290 .
She is a very experienced and friendly lady . She will shurely be able to help you .


Thanks for correcting me.
I knew there was something not quite right using an 86 mm polarizer with a forty CFE lens.

It leaves me with the same question how to operate a polarizer if it is fitted as a drop in filter.
The other lenses that use drop in filters like the 38/50/60 mm C models use a screw in polarizer.

I found two used 41646 filters for sale.
Bad news is prices between 300 and 400 USD
> I can remember solving this problem using an 86-105mm step up ring, a thi n (with threads) 105mm polarizer, and a Heliopan 105mm rubber hood. Most of my work was with digital, so vignetting was less of an issue. I eventually sold my 40mm CF distagon and would love to find an affordable IF version.
The Hasselblad 93 polarizer has an 86mm mounting thread which acts as a spacer for clearance of the 93mm element. The B+W designation for the Hasselblad 93 series filter is 93a, I have a couple but not the polarizer.
I got the Hasselblad 93 polarizer directly from Hasselblad USA just a couple of months ago. They said they had three in stock back then, I bough one of them. So, they might still have it in stock. However, it was really expensive, I don't want to remember how much:)
Hi Terry,

Are you sure about the spacer with the 93 mm polarizer?

For the 350 FE there is a special part 41648 that serves as an adapter to fit 93 mm pola filters.
This adapter/spacer needs to be ordered seperately in case a polarizer has to be mounted on the 350 FE lens.

What ever solution is found Hasselblad or B+W/Heliopan with adapters
a polarizer this size is an expensive matter.

Hi Paul, It's a kind of thread spacer combo. I tried to take a picture of it so you can see. I have the 41648 filter adapter. It bushes the hood thread down to 86mm so you can mount the filter. Best wishes for the holidays!
Ebay currently has one Hasselblad 93 polarizer for sale, listed as new for Buy It Now price of $665. Here's a direct link to it - em

I've been interested in one since I bought my 40 CF last year, but don't want to fork over $600+. After reading the preceding debate over what's available, and what will work, I'm more confused than ever. Can someone please reiterate what will work, Other than the Hasselblad? Thanks.