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Polarizer filter suggestions


New Member
Any suggestions or guidance on a polarizer filter for the Hasselblad Zeiss Distagon 4 / 40 PRONTOR CF?

Will the B + W Series 93mm Kaesemann Circular Polarizer work?
or is the Hasselblad 93mm Linear Polarizer Filter better?
should one then have a way to shade- using the ProShade.
Any and all advise would be welcome- thanks!
Scott, sorry you had to wait so long for an answer. If you're around I hope this is still helpful to you.

I can't say what is best to use, but I can say what I use.

I use a Hasselblad branded cicular polariser which does the job fine for me. I only bought this because it was slling cheap second hand in mint condition.

Because I use 501/503 SLR manual focused and unmetered camera bodies I am happy using a circular pol filter. I have no idea who makes the Hasselblad branded item but the glass must be a high standard as I doubt H would think we would accept cheap glass on the Zeiss lnses.

The optical perfomance is fine and I have never needed to think twice about using it - I shoot mostly trannies.

BUT generally IMHO, any of the qulity brands should do the job fine - B&W etc.. I know a pro who uses the top end Hoya CP with very happy results.

B&W Kaesemann CPs are excellent quality.

In regard to pro-shade, you raise a good point. It is VIP to keep in mind that when using a CP, we are adding 2 layers of glass and air to the Zeiss front element - potential for image degradation / flare. So a hood is VIP.

But, we need to remember we are also taking the first layer of glass forward in the hood and add more risk of flare. So, since a proshade generally offers more hood depth than the plastic hoods, it is beter to use a poshade (or frnakly anything that does a job of shading the lens more effectively).

I have used B&W filters and the Keasemenn CP on my Leica and am very happy with it. So maybe the best bet is buy the highest quality CP you can afford.

I've not seen any need for an LP. I like the functionality of the CP and am used to it. I think LPs are not ideal when you have AF lenses and that is no issue with V series Hasselblad. I just got what was available. Maybe LP has less glass/air so may in critical terms be more ideal - this is a guess I am making and others will know better.

Good luck.