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PME45 Instructions help please


Active Member
I wondered if anyone has an instruction manual for the Hasselblad PME45 - I'd like a PDF scanned copy or photocopy as my friend has lost his own original instructions booklet and I'm trying to help him out (only have the PM45 myself).

If there is someone able to copy or scan his manual and email it to me (I'll give my postal address off-line if post is preferred) it would be greatly appreciated. You can email me off-line if you prefer.

Thanks for the help.

I have 2 original ones , and could send you one , if wanted .
If so , i will give you my E-MAIL address , so you can contact me .
I will not accept any penny . Just send me the address where i shall send the manual to . Here is my E-MAIL address .
Thanks again Jurgen - I'm very grateful and really would like to compensate in some way. I have emailed you directly. Again thanks for your generocity and help.