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PME3 Prism Compatibility


Hello All:
Quick question. Is the PME3 set up to work with the latest (standard split focus acute matte "D" I think it is) screen in my 503CW? I know the latest PME45/90 series are. If the PME3 is not calibrated for this, can it be? Thanks.

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The PME3 is indeed calibrated for use with Acute Matte and Acute Matte D screens.

The quick and cheap way to recalibrate a meter is by setting a different ISO.
Thanks for the confirmation! I thought it probably would be. I recall having read that some of the older prisms ??NC?? etc would not work with the newest screens.

Regarding calibration: yes, I do that often with handheld meters, either to recalibrate to the 'standard, or more often to 'compensate' for 'my' standard.

Thanks again. Colin

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The original VFC-6 (later called PME. It was the model immediately preceding the PME3. At around the middle to late 1980s people at Hasselblad apparently decided they didn't like even numbers: they got rid of the "6" in VFC-6; there never was a PME2; no PME4; no 502 C(...) or EL(...); no 904; no 204. They did have a 202 camera though. And yes, that one is something best forgotten. ;-)) and the even earlier Zeiss-Ikon made meter CDS prism were the models that appeared before the bright Acute Matte screens were introduced, so these two models need adjusting when used in combination with Acute Matte screens.

You can however use both prisms with Acute Mate screens, just as you can use newer prisms in conjunction with pre-Acute Matte screens.
They do work!
You just need to adjust the ISO setting by one stop.

The NC2 and NC2-100 prisms did not incorporate a meter.
Thanks, QGdeB!

As always, this forum will always have someone respond with great information.

Appreciate the effort, and the info.

Thanks, Colin

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