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PME viewfinder & AcutteMatte D with splitimage rangefinder


New Member
Hi all,

I recently acquired a PME90 viewfinder. I read in the user's manual that it is not recommended to use spot metering with a focusing screen which has micro-prisms and/or split-image viewfinder. It could disturb the metering result.

Does some of you performed some tests?

Thanks for your replies.

No ideas? Well...
The recommendation in the manual may have been based on tests?
What was the original question please? I have a PME with an AM-D with splitimage in use myself so maybe I can assist?

Hi Wilko,

As described in my first post, I read in the user's manual of my PME90 finder that it is not recommended to use spot metering with an AM-D with micro-prisms and/or split-image viewfinder (e.g. AM-D 42215 or 42219). The metering result can be erroneous.

Have you ever met this?

Thanks for your assistance.

I have an (older) PME prism which cannot do spotmetering. In my case the metering does not seem to have been impacted by going from a 'classic' AcuteMatte (only X-hair) to the splitimage with grid AcuteMatte-D I have now.

That said, I can imagine that the *spot* metering function might be affected by the different brightness that a splitimage produces in the center of the screen. Unfortunately I cannot verify it for you given that I do not have a prism that can do spotmetering. Sorry..

I was on the point of acquiring a 42215 screen (with split image and microprism) and was put off by similar warnings in Wildi's Hasselblad manual. But it would have been better if I had been able to read of someone's actual expereiences, as Wildi might have been simply repeating the official handout's warning.
Well... I have an older PME that I use with an AcuteMatte with split-image and checker-board pattern. No microprisms on my screen though. Does not seem to be a problem. Of course (given that my PME has not been recalibrated to AM brightness) I have to compensate 1 stop.


I have that screen and a PM 45. It works fine for me as long as I center my eye with the prism. When circumstances present a problem, I use the outer circle and/or the field of the screen. That is the currently supplied screen.


I am not sure if we are talking about the same screen, but I was using a Brightscreen, with diagonal split image and microprism ring. It was fantastic.
Gilbert, do you mean that you use it with a PME45 - ie with metering? The warning was specifically about using a meter prism in spot metering mode.


Doron, although yours was not the same screen it had the same features in the centre. Did you have any problems using a meter prism in spot-metering mode?



Wildi is to be trusted 100%.
So are the Hasselblad booklets and leaflets.

But you are always free to go ahead and gamble anyway...

(By the way: Wildi, more or less, *is* "the official handout's warning").


Your meter does not do spot metering, and the clear prisms occupying the 'spot meter spot' will not be much of a hinder.


Are you talking about focussing?
I wasn't aware of Wildi's warning. I almost always use the screen with a PME 45 and in the spot metering mode. I have had much sharper images and the metering has been perfect.

Yes, my comments were with regard to focusing. Incident and center metering will work, and you read Wildi's exception where spot metering is required. There are other screens that will meet your needs.


Hi all,

I received my AM-D 42219 a couple of days ago. The instruction manual gives "no restrictions within the f/2-f/5.6 range" when using this screen in combination with PME-90 in spot metering. But, it is "not recommended for lenses or lens/converter combinations where the maximum effective aperture is smaller than f/5.6".

I will make tests...