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Please help with my first purchase.


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I've shot 35mm rangefinder and SLR for the last 8 years, and always wanting a Hasselblad but never really serious about it until recent. I really want a 503cw because of its capability of adding digital back, however I come across an offer for a 500CM Camera Body with a CB 60mm T* , 1-A12 Back, 1-A24, MPC Polaroid- the whole package is $1200USD and everything is in mint condtion. So I wonder if this is a good offer for me to start with or should I just save more money for a 503cw later. Any comments will help. Many thanks in advance.
A digiback capability is not exclusive to a 503CW. They fit all V-series.
So that is not a valid reason for a 503CW. A 503CW is a considerable newer camera of course.

If you are really starved for $$ I guess you better first investigate prices on MF digibacks... The body is by far the cheapest part of the whole set, peanuts in comparison to the digital part of the game (the back, but also the computer stuff that you need).

To respond in more detail, and showing my own preferences obviously:
- A24 I would not want to have, 220 film is getting more and more rare. I would want to have 2x A12, not a 24 and a 12.
- Pola back these days is limited to Fuji, as Polaroid has stopped manufacturing instant film

Have you checked prices on digital backs? They're not exactly for someone on a budget.

I've had a 500 C/M since Christmas and have enjoyed it immensely. One thing to consider regarding 12 vs 24 backs: If you will not be doing your own processing, you must figure processing/scanning costs into your budget. Although 120 film choices are certainly better when compared to 220 film, most places will charge you the same amount to process 120 and 220 film. In other words, it will cost you twice as much to develop 2 rolls of 120 when compared to one roll of 220. Personally, I have never been able to accept only 12 images per roll. This is one of the reasons I chose the A24, and I will use it as long as my preferred film is made in 220. Eventually I hope to purchase a A12 back for other film varieties, but I certainly prefer the A24. Another thing to influence your choice at this time is your preferred/favorite film--research how it is offered.

Hope this helps.
Nothing against the 500C/M body. It was the first large volume body produced by Hasselblad
and certainly made the reputation of the company.
The 500 C/M is probably still the most used Hasselblad camera today.

If you start now and your budget allows it I would suggets a 501CM or the 503 CW body.
Both have the later larger mirror and new mechanism.
Unless you found a "high mileage" camera these systems require less servicing.
You will also avoid the foam issues for the mirror although in fact these need changing only after 15-20 years.
Keep in mind all 500 C/M and their EL brothers are well over that age now.
A CLA for a newly acquired 500 C/M camera is money well invested.
I upgraded to the 503CW when they first came out and really love it.

As far as the CFV digital back is concerned, I have no interest. As already been stated the price is way out of my budget. The other consideration is that the sensor size is only 37mm x 37mm. This results in an equivalent lens focal length multiplier of 1.5, so your 60mm lens is like shooting with 90mm. If you like wide angle shots , the best you can do with the digital back is use a 40mm lens to get a 60mm lens equivalent, which isn't particularily wide.

An interesting accessory for the 503 series cameras in the Winder CW. With that and a prism, you have turned your 503xi/cw into a hand held walking around camera for easy shooting.

For me the V Series cameras remain film only.