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PinHole - calm sea



Lately i got my pin hole cap for my Hassi and i tried it last weekend. The picture was made with the 503CWD and DBack, around 10 seconds exposure time @ ISO 50. What do you think about?

Thanks for looking & greetings!



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  • A-10630-Dodge-Burn.jpg
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Hello Andy,

I think you have spend too much money on a digiback so you have no funds for a decent lens? :( Just kidding.

The pinhole thing is a gimmick that is nice to experiment with.
Same goes for lenses that introduce all sorts of distortion.

Anything is allowed as long as it serves a purpose to get the image you are interested in.

Hello Andy

Can you please give me details about your pinhole gimmick ? ? ?
Where can you get one and what is the aprox. aperture ? ? ?
I would very much like to get one as well .
My ZEISS lenses are too good :)


Are you shure , you took the "pinhole shot " with a Dback ? ? Does Dback stand for Digital Back ? ?
It looks as if the shot was taken with a film back . See the marks on the left and on the top .

Jürgen :confused:
Hi Jürgen,

the infos for the toy first. :) The aperture is around 238 and the FOV is roughly the same as with a 80 mm Planar. You can contact Mr. Koza under pinhole-shop(at) - he is very friendly & helpfull.

Yes - it is made with the CVF back. I think most of the pictures do need some small frame - so i used a scanned one of one of my negatives. I know some won't like it - but, it is not trimmed in any way, the camera is a hasselblad, the back is hasselblad. So the picture is as much hasselblad as it can be and so i dare to use this frame whenever i think it fits to the picture.

Greetings Andy
I think about getting a zero image 69 deluxe , just as a lovely handmade toy .