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Pictures Wanted!!!


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The 50FE is total surprise for me. The quality is excelent and BTW it's a "macro lens for portrait".
On the barel it's writen 32cm from the film for minimum distance, so it mean about 10cm in front of the lens; realy amasing
The focussing of the 150mm is too long I realy prefer the 110mm for portrait. I don't know why I never use my excelent 180mm.

I can't justify the CFV prize for my use, So film is a good solution for me and Canon Leica for digital is OK until...fotokina (?)
After a long time of "digital only" I "rediscovered" film. I prefer the quality of films.

I use fuji velvia 100 asa and the new T-max 400; no scaner anymore so no HAsselblad pictures to show on the net.

Bummer ... you need to post photos!!!!!!!!

We must be fed.

Our eyes are hungry.

Please get a cheap flatbed ... plenty good for sub one meg internet uploads.

Please provide for our starving minds.

My 35mm digital solutions have been put in perspective. Sold one M8 and all my Canon DSLR gear. Replaced the Canon with Nikon and Zeiss ZF optics with lots of money left over to give my wife for house projects ... because I do not want my home to end up in Jurgen's calender : -)
Here's one I took in Key West last March...............


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I have merged two threads with the same subject.

Here a copy of Keiths post in the other thread:

"Marc is right, as photographers images are our lifeblood. Perhaps we need a thread dedicated to our (recent?) Hasselblad images.

He is also right about scanners, no need for anything more exotic than a cheap flatbed for most uploads. All of my images are scanned on an ancient Epson flatbed before deciding whether to drumscan or not.

I'll start a thread in the V series section (perhaps someone would also like to start a similar thread in the H series section)entitled "Hasselblad V series Images" and see if there is any desire on the part of members here to contribute, you never know, it might be the kick-start this forum needs and deserves? "

Best to all

Ok I will see how to post my film picture on the net.

BTW yesterday I test my Hasselblad Zeiss FE 50mm 2.8 with my Canon 450D 12.2 Mpix (Kiss X2 in Japanees) and compare with my Canon EF 50mm 1.4 lens.

The target is at a distance of 1.2m and the two pictures were taken at f 1/5.6.

Amazing result !

The conclusion in french is: Why not a 115Mpix back for Hasselblad V lenses !

(Sorry to use japanees clock in Switzerland for test, I will try to do better next time !)

OK some information for no french speaking readers:

Both pictures are taken at 5.6 with the Canon 450D (12.2 mpix) One picture with the Canon EF 50mm 1.4 UMS lens and the other on with the Zeiss distagon FE 50mm 2.8. With the canon lens I use auto-focus and with the Hasselblad monthed with a special ring I use the liveview 5x mode.

Not big différence between the result, even if the distagon lens seams to give sharper image.
That's a surprise.
However the Distagon is a 51.7 mm not a true 50.0 mm focal lens and for distagon I use manual focus not the Af mode.
Perhaps this 2 differences can explain why the Hasselblad gave better result than Canon lens on Canon body

The digital sensor of the canon is real sharp, if one sensor with that sharpness covers 56x56mm that's mean more than 100Mpix.

You can click on the two pictures to have full size pictures of the 100% crop.

Anyway I know witch lens I will use for the next numerical repro job with Canon 12.2. Mpix: the Hasselblad Lens.