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Photowalk - Street Portraiture


New Member
All photos taken during a photowalk in Bangalore, India.

500C + 80/2.8 C w/Ektar 100.

Carpet Sellers

Iron Man (he irons clothes for a living)


The guard

Saintly Vegetable Seller

Back street boys


Thanks Naruto!

I like the way you took these with the Planar wide open.
Another proof what a great lens the 80 mm is.



New Member
40 years ago when I began shooting I loved street photography. Not that I dont love it now,in fact, these shots make me long to do it again. In the USA these shots would be called evidence by every Lawyer for a country mile. I think its the case here that when a child is born he or she is given a name and a personal injury Lawyers card. Nice work.


I haven't really done much street photography with the Hassy yet, but quite a bit with the Canons. I did find that the Hassy, being a professional camera, and a little slow in working, allowed a bit more interaction with the subject which could be beneficial. In parts of Asia and the middle East people have been very glad to pose or be photographed! Always a variable quantity. In Tienjan China one weekend the grandparents were out with the young children and were quite pleased to introduce them to their first Foreign Devil! One of those (taken with a Canon) did very well in a juried show.

Keep up the good work, hard to get all the dust off of film for scanning! One of the pleasures of digital!

Cheers: T
I love the photos. You really utilized the square format well. I actually don't think many, if not all, will work in the horizontal or vertical format. Well done!

You make me want to go out and use my 80mm wide open.


New Member
Beautiful serie.
I'm exclusively using a digital back on my 503 but these photos convinced me to mount my film back and get some Kodak film.