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Phocus software


New Member
Hi all,

First post and I did try searching this forum section for an answer prior to asking this question.

Today I was fortunate to have my first experience with a Hasselblad camera, the 39meg model - I am utterly blown away by this camera. During the shoot a rep from Hasselblad gave me their Phocus software allowing me to 'play' with my images later, which I'm doing now but am struggling. What I can do is activate and show the crop but what I can't do is action it. In other words, I still see the entire image, the area cropped remains as my exposure dictates with the rest of the image darker, but how to I get the software to process this crop? If I hit the export button nothing happens.

Thank you in advance


Welcome at the forum!

All beginning with Phocus is difficult.
Why not contact your rep to help you get started?
That is what he is being paid for!

Also look under H cameras for possible answers.
This forum is being occupied by a bunch of Hasselblad devotees that do not respect the words "on topic" or posting in the right sub sections.
It is part of the relaxed atmosphere here.
No need to change that although it is a disadvantage for those looking for answers.
No problem ask your question and it will be answered.
To get some more attention I will copy your first post and insert it under H section.

Hi, you have to click again at the Icon "crop" in the image Viewer of phocus:

Let´s remember:
With the first click on this icon you then can draw a frame in the picture, then you can move the frame, enlage or reshape the frame with the cursor.
And to activate the crop, you need to click again an the crop icon.