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Phocus... Grrr... DNG or TIFF ?

Learning Phocus on location isn't exactly my idea of fun - quite tedious actually - and time that would be better spent behind a lens. Started to get in a muddle - so needed to develop an entirely new workflow. FFF, 3FR, Destination folders, Yada Yada Yada. Think I'm getting there though.

Out of interest - who here uses DNG versus TIFF ? I see pros and cons to both

Out of interest - who here uses DNG versus TIFF ? I see pros and cons to both

I will not talk about pros and cons . My workflow goes directly to TIFF .
I do not use DNG at all . And I am happy with that workflow .
Using PHOCUS is very similar to using LIGHT ROOM .
I find the use of both rather easy . When I offload images from my recently aquired LUMIX G1 , which I use as a kind of digital polaroid , I just use LIGHTROOM and it is like using PHOCUS , when offloading from my HASSELBLAD CFV back .
I have seen the light

Well... after 4 days of getting acquainted with Phocus and its quirks on a PC (for example: don't try ANY multitasking while importing etc... - don't even 'click' on anything until the task in hand is finished !) - I have to say that I actually see its benefits now. Adjustments are altogether more precise - particularly on the color management front. It is actually very powerful. I get it now - I understand why H want to control this vital aspect of image creation. The power is there - it is just obscured by the user interface.
Plus - having made the move away from mac notebooks last year [in favour of the Adobe screened Vaio AW - which is mind blowing btw] - to realise that both the Camera and software were really geared towards Mac users was a bit frustrating.
I'm keeping everything in 3F - and doing as much adjustment work as possible in Phocus. I will convert to TIFF when I get back to the mothership and have the horsepower (and storage) to execute this quickly.

Things that I would like to see improved:
1/ Crop tools - and crop composition
2/ Being able to move around a 100% crop image by click-drag - rather than static
3/ Still trying to get my head around file names - I still prefer the good old capture number from start to finish - I'm sure its there - making the option clearer would be helpful
4/ Actually creating a 'scratchdisk' folder on the PC as it says it does - would be helpful - rather than waste 30mins for a new user trying something that didn't migrate successfully from the Mac world

If any of this functionality is already there - please let me know!

All is forgiven H - the ends justified the means


ps: thanks again Lemonlib for your tips - the video really helped. I will definitely sign-up to any seminars also !!
The man who was about to cross a sling bridge somewhere in the jungle.
There was a little sign reading:

Unstable bridge. Only cross this bridge one person at the time.

There was no one to be seen so the guy started to move up the bridge. When he was about to reach the other end the bridge collapsed.
He managed to climb to the other side of the cave where he found another sign:

A warned person counts for two!

It will not be an easy job but in the end there is a reward for all this extra time and effort.

Hasselblad pays attention to all information coming from users and will adapt the software where possible I am convinced of that.

Low Light

I may revisit my assumption that the 50 wasn't a low-light tool. Long exposure seascapes are really taking me by surprise - with haunting detail. My D3 is starting to get nervous..... Wonderful shadow detail - and individual grains of sand are resolved. Makes me want to print BIG............


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  • Maldives_6.jpg
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