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Phocus for PC?


According to HASSELBLAD support , PHOCUS will be available in a MS Version till the end of the year .
So , if you intend to get PHOCUS , make shure , you have the correct GC for your system . Go to the HASSELBLAD homepage , and have a look to the readme part of the PHOCUS download .

Hello Christian,

Congratulations you took the plunge and have now joined the ranks of
V series users with an excellent digiback.

GC is short for Graphic Card.
That is the part in a PC/laptop that handles images.
Phocus demands a strong computer with a large capacity GC.

If Phocus is beyond the possibilities of your existing computer / GC you can still use Flexcolor.
Untill Phocus came along everybody used Flexcolor with good results.
A suitable computer for Phocus is about half the price for a CFV back.....