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Phocus 1.2 problem

I have a small problem here. When I export my pictures, I can choose which directory/folder to export them to. However, irespective of which destination I choose in the Export dialogue box, my pictures are always exported to C:\documents and Settings\ my name\desktop\picture.fff.

So, for example, if I choose my destination as L:\Hasselblad\Export, my pictures are still dumped into
C:\documents and Settings\ my name\desktop\

Is this a bug?



Windows XP sp3
Phocus 1.2

I'm not having this issue and I am using Phocus 1.2 (PC). I export (TIF) to different folders all the time and I've had heavy usage of v 1.2 over the past few days. I'm running Vista 64.

Kind regards,
Derek Jecxz

Although I am a MAC USER , I would like to mention , that sometimes a desinstall and reinstall of new software can bring a solution .
I have experienced that some times in the past .

Thank you jotloob..I uninstalled Phocus 1.0 through to 1.2, re-installed 1.2 and it now works perfectly. Thanks for yor help.