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Philosophically disturbed newbie


New Member
hi all,

could it possibly be that Bladsters are actually NICER PEOPLE ?
i've just bought a 500 C plus the works (second back, PME 51, ...on Ebay), a little tired of Nikon digis, although I've got some primes. frankly i don't know ******about what to expect, i just want to try it out.
But: you guys sound different. somehow friendlier compared to those Nikon/Canon sites, where everybody talks about bits and bytes, yelling at each other and knowning it all.
could it possibly be, that shooting with a Blad makes people more relaxed - or vice versa: do relaxed people tend towards a Blad? i've found this to be true for people driving old cars. these folks are usually more interesting - at least compared to somebody who's driving a ...whatever, they all look the same anyhow (no offense...).

well, just thinkin'...

WE ARE NICER PEOPLE !!! There are some nice people shooting Rolleis and Leicas as well though they tend to get into some real heavy arguments - though seldom on cameras :) You can love a new car - a new canon and a new stereo for all the new features but in half a year another new Mitsubishi, Canon or Sony comes along and spoils the pleasure with new and "better specs". With Hasselbalds, Rolleis and Leicas as with old Mercedes, Rovers and Triumphs build mechanical quality grows beatiful with age and the love for them stronger every day. Enyou your new Hasselblad and do not get frustrated when it Jams on you - after 10 times you just know not to change a lens before the shutter is cocked :)
Hello Junior Reinhard, or only JR.?
I think that you have seen one aspect of the relation of people with what is photography.
The difference between picture with a camera that can take 10 pictures in one second, with all auto, with aufofocus, and rewind and,... AND camera that you have to think about all, like the light, and here you have to immagine Ansel Adams, you let you camera on the tripod, or in your bag, and you turn around of what you want to have on your neg, you have to take the light in the shadow, and in the high light, and maybe you refuse this picture because it is not the good time, the good light, the good contrast, and maybe more. Maybe in one day you have only one picture on your roll.
The next step in this mature world, is to take picture with a folding or other biger, where each step take a lot of time, but not only for the technical use of the camera, but for thinking of the picture that we want to have.
Maybe you have understand that when we jump in this world we use more our mind in what we want on the neg. And here we don't need to use Haaselblad or Linhof or other big name. Our mind will be on our picture, not the name of the camera. The camera can only help us to realize what we need.
Good luck in the beautiful world of immage.
ruben, laurent.

so true . although i'd add a Jaguar E Type to the list :)
i guess i will soon be asking dumb questions ...

merry christmas.

reinhard aka junior
we and guys ten times smarter on Hasselblad wil be awaiting your future questions :)

the E is great and a merry x-mas to you to
no doubt about it: dumb questions will follow the moment i finally get the Blad wondering why the beast doesn't have an autofocus :))
The J Type E, is always in my dream. Now I have the big plaisure with my Wrangler, and what is nice it is to see where the man can do, more then the computer. In my city car, I have one switch for the Track Off, because sometime we need to switch off the computer, and use the mind and manage ourself what electronic can't. That the max of plaisure.
With mechanical camera it is the same.
With my Leica cameras, I often have problem with my R8 body, where all can be blocked, and you need to send the body to the Leica doctor. With my R6, I never had problem.
You will find the diference playing with.
Have a good plaisure during christmas time.
> Your talking in this forum makes me sick . sorry for that , but its

> just the wrong place
you're a funny guy. it's the wrong place? says exactly who? are you like an admin or the holly keykeeper? bummer, though, that Laurent and Ruben didn't notice. and a piece of advice: if this makes you sick, go see a doctor.
this was ONE way of saying hello as a newbie, more "serious" questions will follow. maybe i should have introduced myself by asking for help with my jammed Blad.
i was trying to be friendly.
come on, get a life.
Please every one take it easy !!!! I am actually a moderator on this forum ( not very active because everyone is usually behaving real nice)and yes the forum is for phototechnical questions BUT if we can not spice things up with a little "pillow talk" this place will get as dull as reading the phone book - So Welcome to a new member " Junior " - thanks for the introduction and the fun part and you Jürgen just relax - take a deep breath - this will not turn into a hefty debate forum on everything not to do with cameras !
Having only just this week purchased a 503CW + 60/3.5 CB T*, I've read with interest the informed commentary of your members. However, in the past 24 hours, I received the distinct and unpleasant feeling that I was back at's Leica Forum.
what's going on here?
a summary:
- i bought my first Blad.
- i was browsing aroung for a forum and found
- this. friendly people
- i introduced myself and commented on the attitude around here, which i liked.
- i felt welcome until
- i learned that i was wrong here
- well, maybe i am, if this is strictly Blad, no human aspects allowed.
- finally: why on earth, milton and Juergen, do you feel the urge to both read and comment on this thread if it's that dreadfull?
- lighten up. if there is a next thread, i will be in posession of my 500 C, not having the slightest clue where to begin learning. and i will ask dumb questions in order to learn. if you guys are beyond this, if an absolute beginner is not wanted here, then actually yes, Milton, then we are indeed on the's Leica page. and thanks a ton, Milton and Juergen, for taking care of that.
Reinhard Scheuregger,
There is no such thing as a 'dumb' question. Everyone has been a 'newbie' at one time or another. I think it is great you will soon be the Owner of a Hasselbad 500C. The way to learn is to (1) Read the camera instructions, (2)learn how to load the film properly, so the flat plate is over the film and it is sprocketed correctly for advancement when cranked, (3) make sure the little circular stainless steel rod (camera bottom front just inside where lens is connected) with the projection is horizontal to engage with the lens - prior to attaching your lens, (4) load film, (5) attach lens (6) take exposure readings with a good light meter, (7) compose your shot mentally, line it up, (8) press shutter button, (9) when roll has exhausted its exposure wind into the spool, (10) remove film, tape end shut (11) develop your roll ask for 5x5 proof prints, then (12) look at your photos - you will learn more from your own camera use and results than all the books or advice in the world.

Breathe deep and enjoy

> Reinhard,

It would be a shame for anyone to feel un-welcome here... I have never had anything but friendly advice from the Hassy and the Contax (info) forums. Please don't be put off. May I suggest we all leave it alone and move on from this, whether individually we like 'banter' or not, this is a creative place to ask questions, solve technical issues, engage in interesting conversation AND MAKE FRIENDS.


I have recently bought a 500Cm and I have browsed over this forum for answers to a lot of questions.
As Reynhard Junior I am a total newbie in medium format and thanks for this community to exist it is very nice and helpfull !!

Enjoy you 500CM and experience how good a winther landscape with heavy fog looks and a large and lovely 6 x 6 negative :) and feel free to ask any (tecknical) question you wish