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PhaseOne Lightphase (H5)


I just got one of these for free when buying a 503CW with winder

Sadly i lost the sync cable while transporting these gems back to new home - but i already aquired new one (on its way)

Since I am analogue photographer by heart, i will simply out of curiosity try this H5 out - does any of you have experience with this ancient digi-back ?

What can I expect - can it be used for long exposures (e.g 45 secs) ? What about tethered shooting to Capture One 4 - is that possible, or do I need the old software installed ?

Can you please share your experienses with the H5 - if you recall any of them :)

Well i happend to be somewhat digital also :) but left my 1Ds2 behind and rarely use it anymore. Work at a place where analogue photography blossoms, so I work mostly with Hasselblad, Technika and the Sinar P in studio.

Thanks for any word on the H5

Claus Stensgaard
I remember the Lightphase...

I believe you will be shooting to the back tethered as its in the vintage of backs requiring 1394 connectivity. SW was Mac, but one of the newer CaptureOne PC versions may work now. Doubt you will get long exposures with the back as they tended to heat up at anything < 2secs.

Also Phaseone did sell a portablility kit at one time, but it was rare.

Should have nice large pixels to gather the great light from lens. have fun.

I work at Vraa Hoejskole - we just build a 50 squaremeter darkroom with 12 enlargers - up to 13x18 negatives

Large studio with 12.000 watt/s from 8 heads

A beautiful gallery area, and a firstfloor for our photojournalists.

All in all - our new photohouse is 400 squaremeter of pure heaven


Hello blue lemon,

Right now we are all green with envy.
Please do not post these kind of messages without proper warning.
I am sure that is much safer for the physical condition of forum users.

What about coming here Paul - for one of our shortcourses.

We have one this week and the next in november (8 to 14 of November)
Subject is Portraits with old Petzval Portraitlenses
I welcome that invitation!

I was about to write if tikme permits but on second thoughts I will just reserve time to get a refreshment course.

This week is no option but the course in November is noted in my planner.
Please send me a pm with more details.

Thank you.