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Paint Job for worn lens barrel


Generally speaking, I'm not averse to dismantling lenses to clean or dust, but, my 80mm Planar, which gives excellent results, has very worn painting, and I'm wondering if anyone does a re-paint with lettering at reasonable cost?
The alternative is of course to sell it and buy another, but as we say in France, you know what you lose, and don't know what you'll get in return!
Regards, Gerard
Is it a black lens? The aluminium barrels are not painted. I think the process used is called anodising. My gamble would be that (hand) painting it would only make it uglier.

You could dismantle it altogether and spray paint it (...) but I think this is an undertaking I would avoid myself.

If it works just fine, let it proudly show its scars incurred in battle while doing its job: make great pictures ;-)

Yep, I've looked into specific external "paint" repairs before. Forget it. Enjoy or replace it.
Do not sell a good working equipment. Correcting paint job can be done with acceptable results. I have never tried it with Hasselblad but older cellectables. Only two component acrylic paints are durable enough. Available in small amounts at almost any car paint shop. Spies Hecker and other brands. From artistic painters shop you get a good set of small and extremly small brushes. Paint every scratch separetly. Try to create original like structure to your paointing. Finnish as needed with 1200 or 2000 sandpaper, grinding paste, tooth paste etc. In finishing (and painting too) you often need some kind of masks (tape, masking film, etc.) to protect surrounding. Plenty of work but result should be acceptaple.

Kerkko K.
>=20 >=20 >=20 > I agree with Wilco. >=20 > The marks on your lens are part of its history. The lens is designed to = take > photographs; not to be in one! If it ain=B9t broke don=B9t fix it. >=20 > I bought an old 50mm chrome barrel lens about a year ago with scuffs and = a > lose lens barrel. I spent my money getting the lens serviced as I feel t= hat > is where the value of the lens truly lies. I would not be put off buying= a > scruffy serviced lens. I would not even look at lens which had been > repainted. >=20 > If the state of the lens really bothers you I would suggest getting a > replacement, but if you are happy with its performance keep it. >=20 > Best wishes to all >=20 > Kind regards >=20 > Mart >=20 >=20 >=20 >=20 >=20
Ok Guys!
Thanks for the advice, I'll leave well alone and continue to find the stops by counting!
Thanks also for tips on painting, but I wouldn't have tried DIY.
Regards to all Gerard