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Outdoor Rock Concert w/Hasselblads

My younger son plays electric bass guitar in a youth rock band. They are performing next week at an afternoon outdoor festival, up on a large stage in crowded surroundings. Great for pictures.

I will take two Hasselblad EL/m bodies, with Meter Prisms. Lenses will be 40mm f4 black, 60mm f4 T*, 100mm f3.5 black T*, 150mm f4 black T* and 350mm f5.6 black with gunsight finder. Film will be B&W and color in the 400-800EI speed range.

I want to be mobile, and not too heavy to carry around. Everything except the body/350 fits in an old F2 brown Domke bag, will use a wide strap for that rig. Event will last about two hours total, and I'll be close to the car.

Anything I'm leaving out? I don't want to use flash, just available light. Beer garden is right behind the stage, up on the hill.
I will take two Hasselblad EL/m bodies, with Meter Prisms. Lenses will be 40mm f4 black, 60mm f4 T*, 100mm f3.5 black T*, 150mm f4 black T* and 350mm f5.6 black with gunsight finder. Film will be B&W and color in the 400-800EI speed range.

I want to be mobile

Hello Daniel,

It deserves a lot of respect to drag this kit along in a large crowd and still take pictures.
Depending on weather conditions you will be fighting for light especially with the 350.
I think that lens is an excellent choice though.
Not so sure about the others.
Use of the 40 and the 60 depends strongly on a stage pass which I doubt will be given.

Good luck and do not forget to show us results.

Yes a monopod is a good idea. I'll probably need it with the 350. I have a nice Manfrotto with large Ball head, that should work well. Probably some Ilford Delta 3200 in an A12 (in the bag), in case the light level really drops. This concert is an outdoor venue, hopefully with good clear weather. I'm hoping to have plenty of warm sunshine on my subjects.

Yes I do have a stage pass, and have access to all areas, even up on the stage. Last concert I used two Leicas, with 19mm, 35mm, 50mm, and 90mm lenses. If it is stormy dark day, I may need to use them again, although I prefer the quality I get from my Blads.
Another possibility is to hire/buy a short slave. Then simply graft or super-glue a tripod quick release onto the slaves shoulder. When you're not actually taking photographs he can carry all the gear, leaving you free to drink and smoke. Then, when you feel you really have to justify the expense of the slave, slip a 'blad onto the QR and tell the slave which way to point.

I'm having thoughts about how to extend this to auto-focusing....more on this later.

Have a good concert
The concert is next Thursday, we need to be there at 4:00 PM. Setting up remote EL/m with slave trigger is an intriguing idea. I have a Quantum Radio Slave system, so it could be do-able with the right connecting cords. I could graft something together, I'll think about it.

The 350 dosen't need a monopod, I've decided. Besides no tripod socket, I always sucessfully shoot handheld sporting events at 1/500 pretty much exclusively with that lens. I am removing color 160 film from one nice A12, and replacing it with Ilford Delta 3200, which I rate at EI 1000 in real life. Provides a gritty, punchy negative, slightly contrasty, definately workable outdoors in dark shade. There will be direct sun (hopefully) but the band will be under a white canopy tent, which will soften the light, hopefully there will be enough of it. Using Fuji NPZ EI800 220 film also, and maybe a bit of 220 HP5+ (still have a few rolls I am saving!) which is also pushable.

If it's really dark and rainy, I'll take the Leicas.
If it's really dark and rainy, I'll take the Leicas.


You are right of course. There are limits to what is possible with MF.
I was thinking for these jobs the 2000/200 series would be a great help.
They give you at least one stop extra with faster lenses.
Focusing is more critical of course.
The magnificent 350/4 with MOD of around 2 m would be a gem for these jobs.

I have an Exakta 66 MK3 with all the Zeiss CZJ and Schneider EX66 lenses. They are faster (generally speaking) than my V-System Blad lenses. 300/4, 180/2.8, 500/5.6 etc

Too much to carry very far from the car. Will stick to my Blads for this job. Delta 3200 is now loaded.
Well it rained and rained and rained for the last several days, so I ended up taking the Leicas. 50mm F1.2 and 85mm F1.5 were my choices, as well as 19mm.

They will be performing a second time at the same event (next Sunday 1:00 PM), they will be fronting for the band STARSHIP. Same stage, hopefully clearer weather. So maybe then I will take the 'blads.
It rained and rained and rained and rained.........

Took the 'blads, slogged around in the rain and mud. Stage was shut-down, nobody playing, but we had hopes. Finally we left the festival, and had a good meal all together at the local chicken-wing place. The beer was cold and good.

This evening they play again, at a different location. Of course, now that the festival is over, the weather is now clear as a bell, and not a cloud in the sky. Will probably take the 'blads again tonight, it will be good to use them.
I feel for you. I have the chance that I don't work on Mondays, and as such I have the opportunity to go out solo and 'do' my photo stuff.

I've learned that it's best that I don't tell ANYONE that I want to go out and take photographs - if I simply mention my desire to anyone, it will RAIN.

So now, I just have my camera bag near the car and pop it in at the last moment...

Ever get the idea someones watching you?
Back out I am going for more Rock Photography.....

The last outdoor Rock shoot went quite well, with my Hasselblads. One 500EL/M with 350mm F5.6 Non-T*, and my 40mm F4 Distagon Non-T* on second EL/M, both with meter prisms. The two extremes for me in terms of Hasselblad focal lengths. It was an outdoor amphitheatre, with rustic log-cabin styling, and beautiful landscaping and great facility. The band played their hearts out and sounded great, and I enjoyed myself with 220TXP, 220NPH, and an A12 loaded with Delta 3200, for the long 350mm stuff. Could muster 1/250 wide-open, I'm fairly steady, so I should be OK. Should take a monopod next time.

Today is "BATTLE OF THE BANDS" they will only play for -only- twenty minutes. Have pared-down my kit, one 500C/M with meter prism, 40mm&350mm, 220TXP, 220NPH, and A12/Delta3200. And a NPC back with Fujiroid 400 B&W SPEEDY, will shoot one instant frame, then immediately switch to real film.

Will have some film to develop soon, and will put up here. --FUN-- project.
Processed the 220 Tri-X Pro, the negatives look very good, with plenty of nice detail. The Ilford Delta 3200 is loaded in the developing tank, ready to run. And the roll of 220 NPZ Fuji color is nearly at the end of the roll, so that will go to my pro lab.

After I finished the Delta 3200 in one one of my A12 magazines, I put on my NPC Instant back and shot an instant frame of Fujiroid400. Showed it to the band afterwards, they were -amazed-. How did you get that so quickly??? I really enjoy Instant photography. Another outdoor concert tommorrow, I will probably take my Rock setup out once again.

With the 350mm Tele-Tessar @ F5.6 400 Fujiroid:


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