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Ouch the instant disintegration of CF lens focus ring shroud


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Two things gave me a shock a few weeks ago - a surprisingly weak, cheap and nasty CF lens component and the horrific cost of low value Hasselblad parts.

Within 24 hours of each other, I was using on one day, my CF 120mm Makro-Planar which I bought 10 years old in "like new" condition from a very genuine owner, when all of a sudden the plastic shroud ring that fits at the base of the focus ring/barrel (provides a cover for 1 mini-screw and some dust protection) sprung apart and flew a few meters away! Yes, the ring split itself in 2 although it had never shown any signs of part splitting before hand.

The next day I looked at all my other CF lenses to see if their rings showed signs of splitting - 100% no. Then as I was putting my beloved CF 180mm Sonnar in my case, with my hands nowhere near that ring, all of a sudden it split into 4 - and that lens is younger again and also "like new".

So, a little bemused, I thought about how cheap and nasty those plastic rings really are - not consistent with most things by Zeiss and Hasselblad!

BUT, the second shock was when I called the national distributor for Hasselblad to order 2 new rings - the price for each was ..... wait for it ........AU$89.00! Wow. But I had no choice and just ordered them (after using Super Glue to reassemble the rings which looked pathetic when glued together and did not have the same fit either).

I wondered if others have experienced the same?
No, can`t say I have Simon but I think it is common knowledge to a degree that there is a distinct lack of endurance in modern lenses as compared to the older models.
Wonder if anyone can shed light on the old biogons vs the newer CF etc etc?, with regard to thier endurance and reliability, I`d be interested to know as I am currently searching for a late model SWC/M or a 903/905 SWC.
One thing I can say is that when you take a CF lens and put it next to an old C lens the CF does not appear like it would take much punishment before it would fall apart.
You could play cricket with a old C lens and it would not be worse for wear!.

This in deed is an amusing story
but i must confess , i can not identify the ring you are talking about . Can you please try again or even better , attach an image for better description .

The cause for the "split" could of course be , that the rings were extremely tight and high temperatures and low humidity make the material split . Plastic and rubber suffer also the process of ageing .

Annoying of course is the price for the spare part .
In Germany we use to say : It is always much more expensive , to have a particular liking .
Thanks Jurgen and Mark.

Jurgen, see how much trouble I'm going to to have all the gear ready for your trip Down Under

The ring sits at the base of the focus barrel and appears to be the end of said barrel. The ring is only max 1 cm wide and sits up against the rubber focus grip itself.

Yes, I'm sure it was a climactic factor that made these 2 rigs die so dramatically without warning.

In all other respects the overal strength and quality of the CF lenses have never worried me although I certainly know what you mean about the C lenses!
I had the same thing happen to my 60mm CF. Very cheap plastic parts for a v ery expensive lens. Hasselblad spare parts are unreasonable in cost.
That does sound a bit odd, given the supposed quality behind the name.

Now that I'm finally getting around to selling all my Hasselblad gear, including 3 cfi lenses, everyone will think this will happen to them and they will all want Mamiya gear instead.
I had to replace these 'clip on' rings quite a few times too.

But they never cost me that much. I think you're being fleeced by whoever is representing Hasselblad down under nowadays!

I repaired a few too, using acetone, but they never hold for long after they split.
So along with extra light seals for backs (and extra dark slides i never seem to need), i always keep a few spare rings too.

I had a look to see if i could find the bill i got when i last ordered these rings, but i must admit that my 'keeping-of-records' for such 'non-essentials' consists of a stack of loose paper on a desk i do not use a lot. So from memmory it must be: i do not think i ever paid more than about (equivalent of) US$ 5 - 10. Which, i think, is quite enough already...

For future occurances, it may be a good idea to ask Hasselblad in Sweden (just try to send you these parts. Even with shipping, they can't be that expensive...

These particular clip-on rings are only on CF lenses of 100 mm focal length and longer, but i know what you mean. I had to replace a focussing ring on a 80 mm CF lens too (same part that is on your 60 mm CF).
Are these rings and the breaking problem on the CFi lenses also? Or are they just on the CF lenses?