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Other batteries for CFV?


Right now I'm using the standard Sony NP-F570, I find that the capacity is adequate, but I was wondering whether there are other batteries, that are smaller and fit the CFV?

If yes, does anyone have experience with these?


My first day out with my new CFV was brought to an abrupt end yesterday when the battery expired. That was shortly after the 6v battery in my 203FE gave up, also on its first day out, but I had the replacement on hand. I'd not considered that the CFV would last less than 8 hours on a full charge and so was unprepared for this. Pain in the butt as I was enjoying myself in the sunshine in a remote area and 100 miles from home. A valuable lesson learned.

Bad planning on my part and therefore a priority this morning to get a second battery. I was going to buy the Sony, but came across a Duracell equivalent with a 3 year guarantee and available at 60% of the Sony price. Price at this is not overly important to me, but I do like to use Duracell batteries. It will be here tomorrow and then I'm covered.



The original batteries I got with my CFV BACK are UNOMAT analog:Sony NP-F530,F550 . I have two additional no name batteries analog:F550 and they are as good as the ones I got from HASSELBLAD . But they cost only half the price .

When I go for a shooting with my 203FE and the CFV BACK , I have always four fully loaded batteries for the CFV , a spare battery for the 203FE and a spare CF Card with me .
The power down setting can also be a good "powersaver" .
My setting is 20 mins .

Regards Jürgen